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Solidarity Fund: Project Proposals & Applications

While we try to reduce barriers for possible proposals we strongly encourage applicants to review our mandate and terms of reference in advance to ensure the proposal falls within the scope of the Fund and can be considered. Also, while most of our Solidarity work is with partners outside of Canada, please note that we do allot a portion of our fund to Aboriginal initiatives inside of Canada.

For easy reference please check here for our mandate and terms of reference


The CULE Solidarity Committee commits to reviewing requests to discuss proposals and make recommendations to the CULE Executive. Requests are reviewed quarterly, with deadlines normally around the month-end of February, May, August, and November, or as often as necessary to discuss proposals and make recommendations before CULE Executive meetings.

If the applicant is being recommended and/or supported by a CULE member, please include this information in your application. This is not a requirement for proposals to be considered.

CULE Solidarity Fund projects from recent years included support to volunteer union organizers in the Philippines, a contribution towards the rebuilding of a day care centre in the Philippines that also acts as a community centre for people’s organizations, and a contribution towards the Circle of Life Thunderbird House, which is the Spiritual Hub for all Elders, Healers, Teachers, Helpers in the Indigenous community in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

How is the Fund allocated?

Individual grants will depend on the scale of the project.


How to Apply?

Provide a detailed application including the following to

  • Title of Initiative

  • Project Summary

  • Amount requested from the CULE Solidarity Fund?

  • Project Budget (please attach a detailed budget)

  • Have you previously received funding from the CULE Solidarity Fund? Please indicate what activity it funded.

  • Where else have you gone for funding?

  • How long has your group/organization been active? Have you worked on any other projects? If so, what were they?

  • Contact Information

  • To whom should the cheque be made out and where should it be sent?


Additional information – How will applicants be evaluated?

The CULE Solidarity Fund is overseen by the CULE Solidarity Committee and funds are approved by the CULE Executive. Funds are limited and shared between multiple community-based projects. The Committee looks at the following criteria:


To support grassroots initiatives that focus on

a) building worker solidarity

b) improving the quality of life of majority world workers

Describe how would this initiative benefit the community?


Does it demonstrate creativity or uniqueness in the outcome?

Will this initiative have trouble getting funding from other sources?

Questions and applications can be directed to:, please indicate CULE Solidarity Fund in subject line.

We look forward to continuing past solidarity partnerships and/or creating new ones this year!

In Solidarity,

CULE Solidarity Committee

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