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UMC meeting minutes, Ottawa, March 21, 2005

CULE/UMC Meeting March 21, 2005 Marriott Residence Inn – Ottawa


Marion Agadzi, CULE Dave Jackson, CULE Larry Welsh, CULE Bonnie O’Keefe, PSAC Penny Bertrand, PSAC Les Buss, PSAC Lorraine Lepage, Notetaker


Car Allowance

It was agreed by both parties that Management consult with CULE before a regional representative or organizer competition is posted re: determination of car allowance.

Signing of Collective Agreement

Commitment was made that the Negotiating Team attend the signing of the Collective Agreement which is to be held during the National Staff Conference (April 18th – 22, 2005). Pamela Peckford and Heather Longstaff will be brought in for the signing of the Collective Agreement.

Bonnie will ensure the translation of the C.A. and that it is ready for the National Staff Conference.

Compensatory Leave

Regional Coordinators have been advised that 15 day carry over is approved for 2004 (105 hours). Current practice in the C.A. still stands.

Negotiation Refresher Training

The Negotiation training will be held May 9 – 13, 2005 in Vancouver. Tentative dates for the Refresher (Negotiation) training will be held on September 14, 15, 2005 in Ottawa. Regional Coordinators to determine who will attend these two courses.


To be held in June 2005. Johanne Labine will coordinate with Regional Coordinators to determine who should attend (new staff).

AEU Strike Follow-up

Pamela Peckford to follow-up with CULE member and determine what is necessary re: inappropriate behaviour during AEU Strike. Mediation assistance may be required.

Leave Forms

Penny reminded CULE that staff needs to request authorization for any leave related to CULE business, i.e. Arbitration hearing. Leave form must be filled out and authorized by appropriate Regional Coordinator. It was confirmed that UMC meetings were leave with pay and that forms are not required for these types of meetings.

CULE Conference Calls

CULE informed management that all conference calls administered by and for CULE business are presently and will continue to be paid by CULE.

The issue or concern is that staff needs to advise Regional Coordinators before holding these conference calls.

Regional Union Management Meetings

It is the responsibility of both parties to ensure they hold regional UMC meetings. Minutes should always be taken and provided to both parties. A natural fit would be to schedule a regional UMC in advance of Regional Coordinator meetings.

Grievance administration

Larry will verify which grievances are pending arbitration and get commitment from Penny to go forward. There have been some missed steps and both sides have caused delays. Workload is a problem on both sides.

CULE grievance committee consists of Tom Hamilton, Larry Welsh and Marion Agadzi. Marion will also be responsible for the logging in of all grievances and will work with Bonnie’s area to make sure both parties are on the same page (providing a monthly print-out of the excel status sheet).

Management will be firm re: 25 day time frame for the initial filing of grievances unless extension has been granted.

CULE Convention

CULE Convention to be held in Cuba on January 21-22, 2006. As per the collective agreement, a teleconference has been scheduled for March 24th.

Regional Employment Equity Plans

Each region is supposed to have a plan, not all plans are done yet. Penny to follow up re: plans from Ontario and Atlantic. Agreed that process is to ensure consultation with CULE prior to finalizing plans.

Acting Pay for Secretaries in Regional Office

Secretaries are requesting acting pay for doing strike pay. Penny informed CULE that this grievance will not be accepted because it exceeds time limits by a substantial time period. CULE will obtain further information from Sister Peckford.

Statement of Duties

CULE requested Administrative personnel be provided necessary training for website related work. Further, that it also be added to Secretary and/or Administrative Assistant’s job description. It is agreed that the current system for updating web is slow and time consuming. CULE requests consultation re: who should be responsible (Secretary or Administration Assistant).


Some problems have been reported re aggressive language and style within emails that are not conducive to good staff relations. The e-mail policy was resent to everyone and staff is encouraged to read and respect this policy.

Travel Policy

CULE position is that consultation with unions should have taken place in advance of it going to Standing Finance Committee. CULE should have received copy in advance of SFC. CULE encouraged to providing comments ASAP.

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