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UMC meeting minutes, October 18, 2004

In Attendance:

Employer: Penny Bertrand

CULE: Dave Jackson, Marion Agadzi, Tom Hamilton


For Union: Membership Application Cards, National Officers’ Conference, Signing of Collective Agreement, Joint CULE Executive/Coordinators Meeting, Carry Over of Annual & Compensatory Leave, Career Enhancement Program

For Employer:Leave Forms, Retirees Benefit Plan, Follow Up – Equity Training, New Reps Training

For Union

Membership Application Cards

CULE will provide CULE application cards to the employer for inclusion into a kit, or whatever is provided to new CULE members. This was agreed to by employer.

National Officers’ Conference

CULE’s position is to proceed with the National Conference in November 2004. It was noted that CULE was expecting a National Reps’ Conference as in the past. Since our work does overlap regularly with other parts of the organization CULE agrees it will be a good idea for all the officers to meet.

Employer recognizes the hectic timing due to upcoming ratification votes, and hopes everything will go according to plan with proper planning from all involved. .

There are four (4) outside facilitators handling the conference. ROB staff will all be located in the hotel together, while the other conference participants will use a nearby hotel.

Signing of Collective Agreement

Employer agreed to meet with the negotiating team during the National Officers’ Conference to sign off the collective agreement.

Joint CULE Executive/Coordinators’ Meeting

Employer agreed to have a joint meeting between the coordinators and the executive on March 21, 2005 (depending on regional commitments – i.e.: Regional Staff Conferences). Agenda and planning will be shared by both parties. Each party is to submit names to set up a sub-committee. The sub-committee can make recommendations regarding facilitators.

Carry-Over of Annual and Compensatory Leave

In consideration of the recent work schedule and the restriction on summer leave, CULE is requesting relief time to carry over annual and compensatory leave as follows:

1. One extra year to a total of 2 years for Annual Leave 2. One extra year to a total of 2 years for Compensatory Leave

Employer will respond as soon as possible.

Career Enhancement Program

The Career Enhancement Program (CEP) was signed over 2 years ago, and it has not yet been piloted fully. This MOU was to have a PY committed to it. It was attempted in the Toronto office for approximately 6 weeks, but was halted due to lack of money. In hindsight it wasn’t a true CEP opportunity. Employer felt other admins were getting a fair chance at acting and term positions and doing a very good job at it. CULE agrees but these are not CEP opportunities. No requests for CEP have been denied as of yet.

From Employer

Leave Forms

Some CULE Executive members are not putting in leave forms while on union business, or are submitting leave forms on very short notice. The employer is requesting that leave forms be submitted with adequate advance notice. This past executive meeting was a problem due to the uncertainty of proceeding. CULE will advise the executive.

Retirees Benefit

Employer asked if non-CULE members could be part of the CULE retiree benefit plan. CULE responded that only CULE members and their dependants will be considered. CULE will also request that Brian Bockstael attend the national conference to make a presentation at the CULE meeting scheduled for December 1st. CULE advised that a three person committee (Angele Cadieux, Jim Brohman & Heather Longstaff) has been struck to handle the administrative details of the plan. Tom Hamilton will be seeking some clarification on some aspects of the plan.

Follow Up to Aboriginal & Workers of Colour Conference – Equity Training

Employer confirmed that a commitment has been made for Equity training at all Regional Staff Conferences. Due to some postponements of regional staff conferences, that training has been delayed. When the staff conferences are rescheduled the training will take place.

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