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UMC meeting minutes, March 22, 2004

MINUTES CULE – UMCC Meeting March 22, 2004

In attendance:

Employer: Bonnie O’Keefe, Andrea Dean, Penny Bertrand

CULE: Larry Welsh, Marion Agadzi, Dave Jackson


For Union:

* Discussion – Article 15 (20) g) * Term Regional Representative: car allowance, car insurance and $8.50 allowance * Organizer position in the North – Status of Term Position * MOA #6 – Temporary Assignments * MOA #19 – Benefits package for retirees – Follow-up

For Employer:

* Employment Equity Plan * Follow-up to Aboriginal and Workers of Colour Conference * ROB Staff Conference * Summer Leave * Electronic Resources Policy * Bargaining dates * Joint Meeting CULE and Regional Coordinators

For Union:

Discussion – Article 15 (20) g)

CULE stated that there was not enough consultation in the regions regarding the Equity Plan

Penny Bertrand gave a status report on the plan per region:

* North and B.C. have completed their EE plans. However, results should be reviewed yearly. * Prairies – Discussions have taken place and a first draft prepared but the plan is not completed. Notwithstanding, implementation is well on its way. * Atlantic – Cathy Murphy is getting process underway. She is checking the statistics. * All regions – Coordinators have been instructed to re-energize the process. The Employer has given a deadline of June to have plans in place across the country. * Bonnie O’Keefe advised that HR was in the process of staffing the Sr. Human Resource/Employment Equity Advisor position.

Term Regional Representative: car allowance, car insurance, and $8.50 allowance.

CULE asked the employer if there was a policy, practice, or guidelines in place for term regional representatives regarding the above allowances.

Car allowance – Prior to appointing someone to a term position (regional representative) the employer will assess if a car allowance should be provided. If it is decided that no car allowance will be provided, no car insurance will be provided. This assessment will be made on a case by case basis.

With regards to business car insurance, the employer has provided a business insurance top-up in BC – there is a letter of understanding regarding top-up of Business Insurance in BC. This is because in BC the legal requirements for use of car are different than in other provinces, depending on duties assigned.

Acting assignment – same process will be used as for Term assignments.

Regarding the $8.50 allowance, the employer stated that term employees should receive the daily allowance. CULE confirmed that no one had been denied and that they would advise anyone who had not claimed to do so.

Organizer POSITION in the North AND Status of Term Positions

This position was reallocated from a HQ organizing vacant position and will be assessed over a one year period (Sept/03 to Sept/04). The assessment will include the northern needs as well as the needs of the HQ requirements.

There will also be a posting for a six month term rep. for Northern Ontario.

A new position, Regional Coordinator for the North, is currently being staffed. The interviews for the internal candidates will be scheduled soon.

The part-time administrative position in Calgary will be transferred to the NWT. The employer is looking for an additional .5 to make this a full time position to address the administrative requirements in the north but, in the interim, will be staffed as a part time position.

Debbie McLaughlin will be transferring to Halifax. Our objective is to staff her position prior to her leaving.

Victoria – No internal applicants received for the Administrative Assistant position, therefore, we have proceeded to the membership level.

MOA #6 – Temporary Assignments

The Union contends that a number of assignments have been staffed without respecting MOA #6. Dave Jackson gave some examples: Acting Regional Reps. in Gander and Saskatoon; Federal Election Project in the Prairies; Acting/Term position in Calgary.

Some of the examples are special projects and others are acting and/or term assignments.

Regional Coordinators will be reminded of the MOU.

Acting assignment – expressions of interest will be sent out for under four month assignments. A copy of the staffing guidelines for under 4 month positions is attached.

The Organizer in BC – The Labour Legislative Act has changed in BC and the employer is currently reviewing if the position will be staffed at this time.

MOA #19 – Benefits package for retirees

Bob Allen and Ruby have been appointed by CULE to be on the committee.

For Employer:

Employment Equity Plan

Employment Equity was addressed earlier.

Follow-up to Aboriginal and Workers of Colour conference

Final report (Aboriginal and Workers of Colour Staff Conference) was sent out March 10, 2004. The employer would like to introduce the anti-racism training at the regional staff conferences once it is available. CULE did not oppose this suggestion.

CULE will be raising the issue of training at the Bargaining Table – Training re: anti-racism and anti-sexism.

Regional Coordinators can organize the anti-racism training for the staff conference and will discuss methodology with CULE executive prior to setting up the course.

ROB Staff Conference

Amal Rana, Cathy Murphy, Larry Welsh, Maggie Armstrong, and Penny Bertrand are involved in organizing the conference. We might need to reschedule the conference if the PSAC is in strike activity with the TB units in September.

If the ROB Staff conference is not held in September, November would be a good time. Penny Bertrand said that the Employer wants to have the Conference in 2004. We have until June to change the booking.

Summer Leave

Given the possibility of a TB Strike, the employees in the regions were informed that some vacation requests might not be granted. It will be impossible for employees to take large blocks of leave but our objective will be to give everyone at least 2-3 weeks. The Coordinators will wait until May before finally approving summer leave.

Electronic Policy

The Policy has been sent to managers for distribution. It appears that not everybody has received it, therefore Bonnie O’Keefe will send it again to all employees.

CULE Bargaining Dates

We confirmed the April 26-29 dates. CULE proposed Toronto as a location, Employer will confirm location ASAP.

CULE proposed that the second meeting be held in St. John, Nfld. We should look at weekends as options if we cannot find week day dates.

Joint Meeting CULE Executive and Regional Coordinators.

CULE suggested we try and tie in with ROB Staff conference. If the dates of ROB conference are changed – we would also reschedule the joint CULE/Regional Coordinator meeting.

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