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Tips for traveling to Cuba

To: All CULE Members Attending Convention August 12, 2005

From: CULE Convention Committee

Re: Tips for Traveling to Cuba

Following are a few traveling tips for the upcoming CULE Convention that will be held in Varadero, Cuba January 21st and 22nd, 2006.

If you or your guests do not have a passport, please ensure you give yourself plenty of time to obtain one. Further information on passport processing times can be obtained at the Passport Canada web site.

The Health Unit that we checked with in Ontario indicated that they strongly recommend hepatitis “A” and “B” shots which cost $150.00; tetanus shot (free) and perhaps a typhoid fever shot, which is $30.00. They indicated that this is only a recommendation but a HIGH recommendation. It is suggested that everyone go to their local health unit or physician and question them on immunizations. We have checked with Coughlin and they have indicated that immunizations are covered under our plan.

Single parents, traveling alone with children under 18 years of age, will require a letter from the other parent authorizing the child to leave the country.

We have confirmed with the Hotel that they can exchange Canadian or American money. CAA Travel has advised that it is best to take Canadian currency.

Air Canada and its regional carriers allow each customer to bring along two pieces of luggage which is carried in the baggage compartment of the aircraft at no charge. This is known as the “free checked baggage allowance”. The maximum weight allowed is 50 lb (23 kg) and maximum linear dimensions are 62 in (158 cm). Do not exceed these limits or you will have to pay an additional amount at the airport prior to travel.

Checked baggage weighing more than 100 lbs or 45 kgs. will not be accepted. Please contact the nearest Air Canada Cargo office for additional information.

Infants not occupying a seat are allowed one smaller 70 lb. piece with an overall measurement of no more than 45 ins. or 115 cm. Air Canada also carries the following baby equipment in the baggage compartment, free of charge: car seat, baby seat, bassinet and stroller.

The normal temperature for Cuba in January is 23 degrees.

In Solidarity,

CULE Convention Committee

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