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Tentative Settlement Achieved!

Your negotiating team reached a tentative settlement with the employer Thursday November 14th.  Following you will find highlights of the tentative settlement.  The ratification process will begin shortly with a deadline date of December 13, 2013 in which to return their ballots.  More information on the balloting process will be provided as soon as possible.

Highlights of the tentative agreement include:

  1. Wages:  1.5% per year in a 3 year agreement.

  2. MOA #17 (Retiree Benefit Plan) to read under Section D-1 “On May 1st of each year the employer will contribute a lump sum payment of $40,000…”.

  3. MOA #1 (North American Automobile) the term North American has been deleted throughout the MOA.

  4. MOA #16 (Career Enhancement Position) has been renewed.

  5. Article 2.01 h) has been amended to include “adopted through Aboriginal custom adoption practices”.

  6. Improvements to Article 5 – No Discrimination and Harassment

  7. Improvements to Article 17.12 a) – Unit I members will now be compensated for all hours worked on a day of rest at Regional Conventions.

  8. Improvements to Article 18.06 b)

  9. Improvements to Article 26 – Education and Training

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