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Supplies for Cuba

To: All CULE Members

This is just a reminder that the CULE Convention Committee is trying to collect as many supplies as we can to donate to the Cuban people

Suggestions for schools have been notebooks, pencils, erasers, educational toys, pens, rulers, treats etc. Suggestions for the Medical centers are vitamins, drugs (everyone is entitled to 2 ½ lbs), bandages, linens, toiletries, toothbrushes, plastic tubing and masks for nebulizers, surgical gloves, plastic dialysis equipment, creams, (example anti-biotic cream) and stuffed toys. You probably have your own ideas

We are pleased to advise that the AEC has made a donation of $500.00. We will be posting a list of donors on the CULE website. You are welcome to carry your donations or if you choose, please send your items to Marion Agadzo c/o Toronto Regional. If you are not attending you may still want to contribute by giving supplies to someone in your office who is attending.

Heather Longstaff, on behalf of the CULE Convention Committee

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