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Strike support for BCGEU

CEP Local 467, BCGEU Staff Reps, are currently on strike. Here is the text of a letter Dave Jackson has written to George Heyman the President of BCGEU. For more information, and to send a message of support, visit

Mr. Heyman: I have just been made aware of the strike by members of CEP Local 467, staff representatives for the BCGEU. I find it reprehensible that you as the President of such a large labour organization would allow this strike to take place. Further, the concession bargaining tactics used by your negotiation team are providing every employer in BC, and throughout this country, ammunition for their next round of bargaining. To attack the benefits for members who are on sick leave; to cut the pay of temporary staff representatives to pay for the increase for others; to introduce, during mediation, a further concession related to language already agreed upon by the parties, surely this is what we expect from the big bad employer and not from one of “our own”. To do all of this with the backdrop of a $5.7 million dollar surplus, you have got to be kidding! Members of this Local have already accepted four years of wage freezes in the last nine years. We encourage you to return to the bargaining table, put an end to concession bargaining and end this strike.

Dave Jackson, CULE President. cc. CULE Executive

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