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Social Justice @ CULE

As discussed at the Convention, CULE members expressed a desire to become more involved in Social Justice Causes and the executive is committed to doing this. The executive will be establishing a budget line item with guidelines for donations such as the appeal for assistance for the Philippine mudslide victims. A Solidarity committee will be established to deal with requests for donations and make recommendations to the executive.

This will be discussed further and initiated at our executive meeting in April. We will be looking for rank and file members to volunteer to be part of this committee. A call out and more information will be distributed after our meeting in April. The executive would appreciate any feedback or suggestions regarding this new committee, recommendations on guidelines and suggestions on establishing the Solidarity Fund. Should you have any comments or suggestions please contact the Director for your region.

The Philippine Mudslide Victims appeal will be one of the first items that the new committee will be asked to consider and make a recommendation on.

In the meantime the CULE executive is encouraging the CULE membership to consider making personal donations to this cause. Should you choose to make a donation and wish to pool the donations – please forward your contribution to Gail Chafe at the Calgary RO, who will send one large amount from CULE as a collective. You also have the option of sending the donation directly to the Philippine Women Centre of B.C. should you prefer. Please refer to the Article on the Urgent Appeal: Donations for the Deadly Philippine Mudslide Victims for any further information.

Thank you.

In Solidarity, Lisa Garnier, CULE President

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