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Report: Tatamagouche Social Justice Youth Camp

Laura Haywood’s Report from the Tatamagouche Social Justice Youth Camp from August 29th to September 2nd, 2007

I got back from a social justice youth camp two days ago and it was an amazing experience. Everything about it was amazing; from the wonderful people to all of the amazing things we learned. Even the food was great!

But I’d have to say the most wonderful thing was how welcome I felt when I arrived. I made friends almost instantly. To me it seemed the opposite of school where you have ‘cliques’ and popular kids and unpopular kids. Everyone was equal. Nobody judged anyone else and I think that that is what we learnt that social justice is all about, equality. I felt so respected at camp.

I also liked how there were kids from all over. I became good friends with a young woman from Mexico. There were people from Africa and Chile. It was amazing to hear everyone’s different stories. And because there was so much respect for everyone else people could really open up with the group.

We learned so much over the five days about social justice. I learnt how hard immigration is. With the language barriers and the running around. And I heard one story how a boy and his family had to start their paperwork all over again! It’s horrible! We also had many group discussions, which were very good. We learnt so much from each other.

At the end of camp each little group made a movie and they were all so wonderful! After filming the facilitators projected them onto a big screen and it was the world premier of our movies! It was great to see how well everyone did!

The hardest thing during the whole camp would have to be the last day. So many people were crying and nobody wanted to say goodbye and leave. After the first day we felt like a family. We had no sense of time and eventually the five days felt like a special year. It was weird coming home and not being with everyone from camp.

The social justice youth camp has changed my life. It has made me a more outgoing person. I now know that there are other young adults who want to see a difference in the world. And that there are adults willing to see us through the good and the bad. I personally gained so much from going to this camp. And wish to continue going for many years to come.

Thank you CULE for sponsoring me!

September 5, 2007

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