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PSAC Convention report – May 2

There were a number of resolutions passed today none of which had the significance of yesterday’s content.

General Resolutions on anti-bullying campaign and safe drinking water for first nations both passed unanimously. A Constitution Committee resolution calling for all DCL’s to be put into a DCL Component was tabled. Finally, a resolution calling for full time elected officers to only collect strike pay while their bargaining unit is on strike passed unanimously.

The CULE Executive also held a National UMC with the A/Director of ROB and Suzanne Brandon of HR. It lasted 1 1/2 hours and dealt with upwards of 23 agenda items. Minutes will be posted of the UMC next week.

Tomorrow will determine who will be the next National President of the PSAC. We have approached each of the mainstream candidates for National President (Ducharme, Benson & Brooker) and requested a meeting with them on Friday if they are elected. This meeting will be held to discuss the litany of CULE issues which have gone without responses from the employer.

In Solidarity, CULE Executive

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The results of the vote to have a vote are in: 94 eligible to vote (CULE I – 57/CULE II – 37) 59 Ballots cast 23 – No 36 – Yes Watch for more information to come.

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