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PSAC Convention report – day 5

Report to CULE Membership for Friday, May 1, 2009

CULE participated in the PSAC’s information picket line at the Liberal Convention.

Total number of persons today was 752.

The General Resolution Committee was the only committee to hit the floor. Several resolutions were dealt with; and involved a small dues increase.

A member raised a concern which made it clear that Regulation 23A (PSAC Harassment Policy) is insufficient.

CULE members both as staff & observers encountered issues during Convention, requiring the intervention of the CULE Executive.

CULE members working convention and others attending as guests gave positive feedback of the executive’s presence at convention.

The delegation gave the staff a standing ovation and John Gordon thanked all of the staff for their hard work up to and at the Convention in Ottawa and the regions.

The CULE Executive participated in the protest against the free-trade agreement with Columbia

Following the close of convention CULE met again to finish business.

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