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PSAC Convention Report – April 30

The first full day of Triennial Convention was spent debating the budget. The main items of debate were related to the budget as a whole; special levy for staff pension plan and a special levy which will kick in if the PSAC membership drops below 170,000.

A referral back to the Finance Committee to remove the special levy for the staff pension plan and the special levy if the membership drops below 170,000 was defeated. The delegates did pass a motion to divide the budget into three different parts. The first would be the special levy on the staff pension plan; the second would be the special levy if the membership drops and the third was the budget overall.

The Finance Committee will do some work as per the delegates referral and report back to Convention on Tuesday. In the meantime, it is expected that the Constitution Committee will be first up on Tuesday morning.

In Solidarity

CULE Executive.

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