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Phillipe Trotter

Standing Up for All CULE Members

Br. Phil has been a Regional Representative since 1988, first in Winnipeg and since 2002 in Kingston. Prior to his hiring he was the CEIU National Vice President for Manitoba for 10 years where he was instrumental in breathing life into the Manitoba Regional Council of Local Presidents, a regional decision making body.

Br. Phil also spent 2.5 years on assignment in Ottawa as a Grievance and Adjudication Officer where he represented PSAC and PSAC members on some 200 cases. Now back as a Rep he has put that mediation and arbitration experience to good use on behalf of CULE and CULE members representing in the areas of contract interpretation, discipline and discharge. Noteworthy among cases are those of Gail Owen, Pat Cashman and Lise Boucher. He also has played an advisory role in the on going CULE Reps/Band 13 arbitration decision and in the case of Reg. Coordinators facilitating at Schools.

Br. Phil has been the CULE Director for the Prairies and most recently the CULE Ontario Director. As the CULE Ontario Director he has been instrumental in holding the UMCs with Regional Mgt. ensuring that issues are raised and discussed. He has represented CULE members and CULE interests on grievances including double dues grievance paid by members, harassment grievances, and failure to pay meal allowances grievances to name but a few.

Of note is that while on assignment in the G and A Section he was voted in as an AEU member at a general membership meeting and accepted the task of AEU Steward and dealt with a number of difficult matters on the behalf of AEU and AEU members.

Br. Phil has been a left leaning social activist for decades and carries those principles into his non-work life through his involved in social justices issues first with the Cho!ces group in Winnipeg and more recently the health care coalitions. Currently he is the Chair of the CULE Solidarity Committee – a position which allows him to put his energy and spirit into promoting Social Justice issues and causes. As part of his community work, Br Phil was recently “arrested” and held in “jail” by the Kidney Foundation, until he was able to raise sufficient funds to post “bail”. Br Phil was happy to participate in this event in memory of Br. Derek Dagger.

On a personal note, working with Br Phil in the Kingston office is a most rewarding experience. His wealth of knowledge, his willingness to share information, stories and expertise and his generosity of spirit reveal him to be a truly giving and caring individual.

Br. Phil – Standing Up for CULE Members – Standing Up for Social Justice

Respectfully Submitted

Linda Cross CULE 1 Member – Kingston Regional Office

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