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Pamela Peckford

Sisters and Brothers,

Once again I am seeking election for the position of Atlantic Director CULE.

I have held this position for two terms and have delegated myself to ensure the membership are aware of issues pertaining to ongoing events both in the Atlantic and throughout the country. I have seeked input and guidance from the members and have listened and acted upon their requests.

My union involvement began at the age of 15 when I was on my first strike with NLFFAWU (Newfoundland and Labrador Fish, Food and Allied Workers Union). Prior to that I was a runner for my fathers Union when they ended up on strike in 1971.

During the course of my career with the Federal Government, I held positions on executives from Secretary to President. As a team of presidents in Gander we were intricate in the fight for National Rates of pay. I was the only woman president at the time. During the CR strike as a casual employee, I discussed ongoing events with management and workers and showed my full support for the Labour Movement.

As CULE director I hope to continue to bring my knowledge and commitment to the CULE Executive and its membership. I will remain open minded and willing to take on the role as outlined in the CULE Constitution.

I kindly ask for your support during this election and hope to work with you all again.

In solidarity,

Pamela Peckford Gander Regional Office

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