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Pamela Peckford

Hello Sisters and Brothers,

I have once again put my name forward for a position with the CULE Executive.

Over the last 20 years I have been an active member of CULE and have held many positions on the Executive. I feel there are many issues our union still has to deal with and believe as a Member at Large Unit 11 representative, I will be able to ensure issues are discussed with the members and have their ideas and views brought forward to the Executive.

I would like to able to continue work within CULE on issues that are still outstanding. One issue for example: the Merger, has taken a lot of time and energy from many members working on behalf of the membership and I would like to continue to be part of this discussion.

On three (3) occasions I have been elected to the CULE Bargaining Team. During the National Admins Conferences I have had the delightful opportunity to help coordinate with some of the best people within the CULE network. Another Admin conference is due, let’s get to work and put a proposal to Sister Bertrand.

As a union activist since I was a young teen (runner for a strike) to my first strike at the age of 15, I have been hooked. I have no problem sharing my ideas and am a great believer in open discussions.

As a CULE union activist I have over the years put forward the UNIT 11 member’s issues. I have held the position of: Member at Large and UNIT 11 Vice-President. During theses terms, I feel that we have been able to put UNIT 11 in an Equal Partnership with our Unit 1 Sisters and Brothers. I have always been an advocate for our group. Even during my term as Director for Atlantic, I have been supportive of our UNIT 11 group.

Please, vote for your Member at Large. I look forward to your support.

As always,

Pamela Peckford, Administrative Assistant, Gander Regional Office CULE

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