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Minutes of the UMC, September 23rd 2005

Here are the minutes – CULE/UMC – September 23, 2005

1. CULE requested that a temporary surcharge be given re mileage rates for business travel and suggested that it was probably being discussed at the NJC meeting. Bonnie will check if NJC directives have increased, and we will assess changes.

2. Unity Conference – CULE requested information regarding selection criteria to attend. Also, Joan Ann Gravesande was given observer status to assist in creating a module on how best to work with the Committees. CULE was informed that this was an error and would be rectified accordingly. Penny will bring this issue to the Directors’ meeting.

3. Communication Positions for REVP’s – In response to concerns raised by CULE re possibility of additional workload due to new positions, Penny advised CULE that nothing official has been concluded, there is a draft report presented at AEC but AEC has not approved yet. CULE wanted it to be noted that they were simply flagging their concerns while it was still an open situation and also identified additional issues of concern, i.e. job descriptions, union affiliation and reporting structure. Penny advised that she believed positions would in fact help address regional workloads.

4. JPAC expenses. It has come to CULE’s attention that Finance is refusing to pay Brother Doyle’s expenses to attend JPAC meetings. According to Brother Doyle, an understanding was reached during the last round of negotiations that 50% of expenses be covered by PSAC. Penny and Bonnie will verify and respond. Bonnie will also verify if David’s expenses are receiving unnecessary delays being paid. Clarification: Finance did not refuse to pay Brother Doyle’s claim, Finance did not receive the claim until October 24th, 2005.

5. Additional Resources – CULE asked if there would be any increase in staff as it was felt that areas of service to new locals and locals who affiliate with Components were suffering because of the increase of workload. Penny explained that we have an additional 6 terms on staff now and are working to make these permanent. CULE identified a need for a negotiator in the Prairies and an REO in the North. The Prairies’ Regional Coordinator will be posting a term organizing position soon for the Prairies.

6. Referrals to arbitration – CULE voiced their concern regarding the delay getting dates for referrals to arbitration – Two cases are still pending; Gina David and Mark Pecek. CULE gave dates that Pam Chapman was available; October 11-12, 18-19, 25-26 and Nov. 1-2nd. Bonnie will talk to Chantal to nail down dates. Penny will arrange a meeting to deal with Gina’s grievance.

7. Auto Insurance – Penny brought up the auto insurance issue as it continues to be a challenge to administer given the fluctuating rates from Insurance Companies. The process for insurance claims is:

Goes to Regional Coordinator for approval (the full insurance forms must be attached, Exceptions must be sent to Director for approval.

Penny expressed that the employer recognizes that this is not perfect and reiterated that if anyone could come up with a more equitable method for administering these claims it would certainly be considered.

8. PSAC Convention updates – The criteria for attendance at the next Triennial Convention was explained; Priority:

Regional Coordinators would all attend Any new regional representative hired since the last convention Administrative staff by seniority Regional Representatives by seniority

CULE informed management that the CULE Executive would attend the Convention as observers.

9. New Reps Training

Penny informed CULE there would be a new reps training in Ottawa from October 24th – 28th. It would begin at noon on October 24th. There are 11 new staff members. Only permanent reps are to attend. 10. Employment Equity

The plan for employment equity is on hold pending the outcome from the National EE survey being held at the present time. It is the opinion of Penny and CULE that regional demographics be given consideration when staffing in regional offices. Both parties will raise these concerns with their JEEC representatives. 11. CULE convention updates

CULE informed us that 70 staff members would be attending the CULE convention in CUBA equally split within the 2 weeks (in order that all regional offices are staffed). Penny was officially invited. Her role would be to provide long term service awards and facilitate a session.

CULE (Marion) agreed to provide Regional Coordinators with a list of participants to the convention. This list must also include dates each participant will be attending. This will allow the Regional Coordinators to approve leave accordingly.

12. Staff relations

CULE raised concerns with the Director regarding a situation involving inappropriate behavior. Penny agreed to follow-up.

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