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Minutes: Executive conference call – September 12 2006

Minutes of CULE Executive Conference Call, Tuesday September 12, 2006

Present: Lisa Garnier, Larry Welsh, Marion Agadzi, Pamela Peckford, Bruce Campbell, Jack Rudd, Bob Allen, Jim Brohman, David Doyle, Heather Longstaff

Regrets: Gail Chafe, Debbie McLaughlin

October Executive Meeting: Heather will send out the co-ordinates for the hotel arrangements. Lisa will follow up with Penny regarding dates for UMC.

Equity Committee: Discussion took place on selection criteria for Committee Members. We will discuss further when Marion joins the call.

Grievance Committee: A replacement for the Grievance Committee is needed for Tom Hamilton. M/S/C Bob Allen/Jack Rudd THAT Dave Jackson replace Tom Hamilton on the CULE Grievance Committee.

MOA #6 Grievance: M/S/C Larry Welsh/Bob Allen THAT the Grievance in reference to MOA #6 be referred to arbitration.

CULE I Classification Grievance: A written decision to our grievance is expected before the October Executive Meeting.

NEU Negotiations: Jim Brohman reported that the Employer applied for a Conciliation Officer. Hearings are scheduled for the end of October in Iqaluit.

AEU Expression of Interest: Discussion on staffing concerns.

Canada-Cuba Solidarity Labour Conference: Larry Welsh may attend the Conference in Toronto as he is the Executive Solidarity Committee member. The registration cost is $75.00.

Air miles – CULE Convention: Marion will follow-up with Air Canada.

Memorabilia – CULE Convention: Problems with shirts –Marion will continue to work on.

Equity Committee: Marion reported that the Working Group has been working on the following:

  1. outstanding CULE Convention resolutions

  2. Self ID form information

  3. Committee being inclusive

  4. Mandate and callout for Standing Equity Committee

  5. Mandate and duties of Equity Director

  6. CULE Constitution and Terms of Reference to include equity

A full report will be presented at the CULE Executive Meeting

John Gordon Meeting: Scheduled for end of October

Legal Documents affecting CULE Members: Discussion

Negotiations: A call out for Negotiation Team will go out following the October Executive meeting.

The following agenda items are deferred to the October Executive Meeting: MOA #24, Merger Committee, Student policy.

Meeting adjourned.

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