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Minutes CULE/UMC June 9th, 2009

Minutes CULE/UMC June 9th, 2009


  1. Larry Welsh (CULE)

  2. Lisa Garnier (CULE)

  3. Marion Agadzi (CULE)

  4. Morna Ballantyne (ROB)

  5. Andrea Dean (HR)

Previous meeting issues

1. Intranet

  1. CULE identified need for a training guide for the Intranet

  2. Andrea will look into having this completed and distributed to staff:

  3. ACTION: Andrea

2. KRONOS update

  1. CULE requesting an update on the leave management system – KRONOS.

  2. Still in the process. ADP – Pay at Work and People at work are ready to implement. CPASS – Pension Plan system and KRONOS – time and attendance will not be ready until next year.


  1. A project manager has been hired for UNIONWARE. The process will start with Negotiations, Representation and Membership departments.

Agenda items

1. Officers and Administrative National Conferences

  1. CULE inquiring as to when the National conferences would be held. CULE I is one year late in the 3 year cycle and CULE II is due for their conference before the end of 2009.

  2. There is a commitment from the Employer to hold these conferences before the end of 2009. There is a consultative meeting scheduled for June 10th, 2009, with CULE and the employer to discuss dates, and what the conference(s) will look like.

2. Staffing Updates

  1. Morna advised no determination had been made to date as to where the additional 9 positions would be. Decisions will be made at the next AEC meeting.

3. Acting Opportunities in Coordinator positions

  1. CULE had concerns regarding authority of acting coordinators, specifically short term acting coordinators. CULE feels somesituations may put a CULE member in an awkward position with regards to discipline of coworkers. It was agreed that Morna would discuss this with the Regional Coordinators to ensure clear direction is given prior to a CULE member taking on the role of the acting Coordinator.

  2. CULE made it clear their concern is to ensure opportunity for all members but also wants the experience to be a good one.

4. Mentoring/overlap before retirements

  1. CULE inquired as to when the succession plan was going to be implemented with regards to the opportunity for mentoring and overlap prior to members retiring. The employer agreed that would be ideal, but in order for that to happen, there is a need to have advance notice of a retirement. They are in agreement that mentoring and overlap should occur at every opportunity.

5. Administrative Manual

  1. The employer advised that Dale Robinson is revising the manual.

6. Computer Upgrades and laptops for Admin Staff

  1. CULE also asked for an update regarding upon request of an Admin when due for an upgrade of a computer that they could be replaced with a laptop. This has been approved. Admins need to identify their need with their respective Coordinator.

  2. Morna to discuss with Regional Coordinators.

7. Administrative/Secretary updated Job Descriptions

  1. Morna advised that the employer has struck a subcommittee to review the updated job descriptions to ensure they accurately reflect the duties. The subcommittee consists of Patricia Davis, Cathy Murphy and Pierre Parker.

8. Northern Staffing

  1. CULE inquired as to the staffing of the G & A officer for the North. Morna advised one had been hired and would be working out of Edmonton. She also stated the staffing of the indeterminate position of the Northern Organizer would be determined after the AEC meeting to decide on the 9 additional positions.

9. Employment Equity Plan

  1. CULE again raised the issue of the outdated PSAC employment Equity plan and the obligation of updating this within one year of signing of the Collective Agreement as per Article 15.20 c) of the CULE Collective Agreement. CULE is requesting a dedicated resource to ensure this is completed in a timely manner. Morna advised that JEEC was discussing this very issue at their meeting and have committed to a special meeting solely devoted to update the EE plan.

10. Student Hires

  1. A draft MOU was proposed. Discussion ongoing.

11. Technology committee

  1. CULE advised they wish to activate the technology committee – CULE members consist of Doug Kosakowski and Patrick Bragg. CULE requested the employer consult with this committee prior to implementing any technological changes.

12. CULE II staff at PSAC convention

  1. CULE again raised the concern that there was no CULE II staff asked to work at PSAC convention. CULE suggested that at the minimum the Administrative staff from the city or region where the convention is being held be given the opportunity to work at the PSAC convention.

13. Policy on Traveling – during airport employee job action

  1. CULE raised a concern with regards to when traveling on business and traveling through an airport that has job action of some sort, i.e.; picket line or info picket line, what is the protocol. Morna advised Headquarters should be making the determination of what action to take with consultation with the CLC.

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