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Minutes: CULE Executive Meeting Conference Call, March 13 2006


Present: Lisa Garnier, Marion Agadzi, Larry Welsh, Debbie McLaughlin, Bob Allen, Tom Hamilton, Bruce Campbell, Jim Brohman, Jack Rudd, Gail Chafe, Heather Longstaff

Week-end Courses Discussion on week-end courses and what the common practise is across the country.  (Friday night/Saturday versus Saturday/Sunday.     UMC.

Pension Plan – Court Costs referred to April Executive meeting. Merger Committee The following Executive members volunteered to work on the 8 recommendations that the Merger Committee presented to CULE Convention:  Marion Agadzi, Heather Longstaff, Debbie McLaughlin, and Jim Brohman. 

Equity Committee Heather will send out a call for three (3) volunteers to sit on a Committee to deal with Equity Resolutions brought forward at the CULE Convention.  Marion will be the Executive member on the Committee.

Constitution Committee Heather Longstaff and Bruce Campbell will update the CULE Constitution (housekeeping).  A discussion will be held at the next executive meeting and a call out for Committee members to sit on a committee to update the Constitution will be sent out.

Social Justice Committee Further discussions will be held at the April Executive meeting regarding a Social Justice Committee.

Policy Grievance – Strike cheques Larry and Lisa met with Penny regarding grievance.  Marion Agadzi will discuss with secretaries and take the lead on action to take.

Discussion on recent CULE grievances.

CULE Convention Report is printed and being distributed to all CULE members.

Executive Meeting Heather gave an update on the rooms for our CULE Executive meeting in Toronto April 29-30.  We will also be meeting regularly during the Convention.

Regional Website/Intranet Discussion on distribution of workload.  Concerns to be taken to the Regional Staff Conference.

Concerns raised regarding the employer ignoring CULE Collective Agreement language.  UMC item.

Concerns expressed about home and auto insurance.

Marion gave an update on distribution of Memorabilia from CULE Convention.  

Larry and Lisa have a meeting with the Employer and the other Staff Unions in Ottawa April 4th. They will send out information to the Executive following the meeting.  

The next CULE meeting will be held April 29th and 30th unless there is a need to hold another conference call.

Meeting adjourned

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