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Message to CULE members in Ontario

This was just sent on behalf of the CULE Executive to CULE members in Ontario – posted for members’ information and interest

Dear CULE Member, CULE would like to thank the membership of Ontario for their support in the past and as we go to the polls tomorrow we ask you to consider the following … CEP has circulated information that states that CULE dues are currently set at 2.75% of your wages, and that this amount was set by the CULE Executive. This information is factually incorrect. As you recall, CULE members across the country voted on the current dues structure, which included funds dedicated not only for our CULE convention but also for our strike fund. CEP dues are currently set at 0.78% of wages. However, this amount is remitted directly to CEP National. Locals are required to set and collect their own dues to support any activities they would like to undertake – this includes a strike fund, a training fund, and any meeting expenses that might occur. CEP’s national strike fund is $200.00 per week which kicks in after members have been on strike for fourteen days. Any additional top up or earlier payments are expected to come from the local. Members wanting to attend functions are required to seek financial support from their locals. CEP Members are not automatically guaranteed access to CEP, Provincial and Territorial Federation of Labour, or the Canadian Labour Congress Conventions. CEP delegate representation to convention is based on a formula calculated using local membership numbers. According to the CEP Constitution, a local containing up to 200 members is entitled to two delegates to the CEP national convention. Additionally, only one delegate per local is fully funded by CEP national. Costs for additional delegates, and any observers, are borne by the CEP locals themselves. At our last CULE convention, delegates voted on a resolution that enshrines that attendance will not based on a formula. Each and every CULE member is entitled, firstly, to vote on the location and, secondly, to attend convention, with voice and vote. In addition, the composition of our convention sub-committees – with the exception of the chairs – are comprised of rank and file members of our Union. As you cast your vote during the next few days, consider these facts.
  1. Any funds collected by CULE in the past, the strike fund, the retiree benefit fund, and the International Solidarity fund, remain with CULE in the event of a CEP becoming the bargaining agent for members in Ontario.

  2. CULE has negotiated excellent equity language over the last two rounds of bargaining and is committed to achieving equity for its members in the designated groups regardless of age.

  3. CULE is quite possibly the most democratic union in Canada – all members attend Convention, with voice and vote, and are easily able to run for the CULE Executive. Ask yourselves what exactly CEP would bring to the table. Vote for CULE. Get involved with CULE. This is your union. CEP is not.

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The results of the vote to have a vote are in: 94 eligible to vote (CULE I – 57/CULE II – 37) 59 Ballots cast 23 – No 36 – Yes Watch for more information to come.

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