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Memorandum of Agreement: Out Days

Memorandum of Agreement between Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) – Employer and Canadaian Union of Labour Employees (Union)

Re: Out Days

The parties agree that, outdays are to be used and administered by the CULE I member on the honour system as per Article 17.10, based on workload in their respective area.

The parties further agree that the Regional Coordinator will be informed as soon as an out day is being scheduled. It is the expectation that the CULE I member will look at workload and office coverage in determination of the usage of an out day.

The parties further agree that out days will not be used in conjunction with vacation leave or connected to a statuatory holiday.

Signed on the 7th day of July 2006

For the employer: Alain Piche A/Director ROB For the Union: Lisa Garnier, CULE President

The signed MOU is available here (.pdf)

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