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May Saunders

Hello CULE II Member,

Well, who the heck is May Saunders?…

Well, some of you may remember me from my time in HQ when I worked on the Argus Journal (circa 1981); some of you may remember me when I was the RO Secretary in the Ottawa and Hull Regional Office; and some may remember me from my time as Administrative Assistant in the Charlottetown RO. I have been the Administrative Assistant in the Edmonton RO since 1985.

What can I offer?…


  1. CULE II Negotiating Team Member for the period of 1989 – 1990, when CULE I and CULE II negotiated separately. Negotiations broke down and CULE II members went on an historic two week strike. That show of solidarity got us an independent Tribunal to review our job descriptions, which resulted in a substantial salary increase.

  2. 2001-2002 CULE Negotiating Team Member

  3. Member-at-Large for two terms on the CULE Executive. I took this position very seriously making sure that the concerns of UNIT II were heard/addressed.


  1. I was on my AEU Sister’s picket line everyday of the 2005 AEU Strike. I did not work from home and although I was chastised by the former CULE Executive I know that true solidarity means I am on the line with my fellow workers.


  1. We are out numbered by CULE I Members in our own union and also on the CULE Executive. This position is intended to balance the power/concerns of the Unit II Members on the Executive. What voice do you want to represent your concerns? I offer my well organized and tempered (but not silent) voice to speak on your behalf.

  2. There are Outstanding Issues that need to be addressed. For example, at the 2003 Admin Conference, the Employer made a commitment to provide us with a cheque writing program.

Please allow me the opportunity to be an active voice on your CULE Executive.

In Solidarity,

May Saunders.


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