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May Saunders

Hello CULE II Brothers and Sisters,

I am seeking your support to represent you on the CULE Executive as the CULE II Member at Large.

I started working for the PSAC in 1981, working in the Argus Journal section for approx. 6 months.  I then worked in the Ottawa and Hull Regional Offices as an R.O. Secretary, and in the Charlottetown R.O. as an Administrative Assistant.  Since 1985 I have been the Administrative Assistant in the Edmonton R.O.

I was a member of the CULE II Negotiating Team for the period of 1989 – 1990, when CULE I and CULE II negotiated separately.  Negotiations broke down and CULE II members went on an historic two week strike.  That show of solidarity got us an independent Tribunal to review our job descriptions, which resulted in a substantial salary increase.  I was also a member of the 2001-2002 CULE Bargaining Team.

I have also been a Member at Large for two terms on the CULE Executive.  I took this position very seriously making sure that the concerns of UNIT II were heard and addressed.

As a result of my years of experience, I believe I possess the qualities needed to be a part of your CULE Executive – I have strong union principals, I am level-headed, well organized, respectful, and I am committed to helping meet the needs of CULE II members.

We are a vital part of the Regional Offices and we deserve respect and consideration from our Employer, for the important role we provide as part of the Regional Office Team.

Please allow me the opportunity to be an active voice on your CULE Executive.

In Solidarity, May Saunders.


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