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May 20-23: Aboriginal Awareness Week

Cheers to Beth Boone, Thunder Bay RO, for these links!

Aboriginal Awareness Week – May 20-23, 2008 – is a nation-wide series of activities to enable federal public service employees to learn more about the history of Canada’s Aboriginal peoples and emphasize the diversity of First Nations, Inuit and Métis cultures and traditions. Events also mark the roles played by Aboriginal employees in the Public Service of Canada.

Listed below are links that provide a little insight through your computer into the history and culture of Canada’s Aboriginal peoples:

*This virtual exhibition looks at some facets of the history of Canada’s Aboriginal peoples, underlining their fight for cultural survival and indicating the wealth of their modern-day contributions. It is based largely on information and artifacts presented in the First Peoples Hall of the Canadian Museum of Civilization.

* Living Memory was born from an actual exhibition, Treasured Memories, which opened in 1997 to celebrate the 125th Anniversary of the National Archives of Canada. The on-going exhibition at the National Archives, features more than 100 documents, renewed regularly for preservation purposes, all of which tell part of the Canadian story.

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