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Marion Agadzi

Dear Sisters and Brothers of CULE II:

For those of you who know me from the past, I’ll like to say hello again.

Hello and welcome to all CULE II new members that I have not had the pleasure to meet or communicate with.

Having being absent for a period of time, I’m very happy to see that your CULE II VP Kellie Loshak has done a remarkable job representing you all, and ensuring your needs are met. I personally felt well represented. Congratulations and good luck to Kellie in her new endeavors to which she will be on leave for the rest of her term to pursue.

For the remaining of the term, I am seeking your support to continue where Kellie will be leaving off. I will be bringing back some previous experiences from being your past CULE II VP, and many new directions. There have been many changes within the PSAC which causes CULE to ensure we are all well represented to reflect all changes.

As always, I will continue to encourage you to direct all inquiries and concerns to me if I’m the successful candidate, and I will leave no stone unturned to seek, clarify and find resolutions.

Thank you very much in advance for your consideration and support.

In Solidarity,

Marion Agadzi CULE II

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