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Maggie Armstrong

Maggie Armstrong


I wish to participate on the CULE bargaining team as a CULE 1 representative. I believe that I have the requisite knowledge, experience, skills and personal ability to work well in a team to enhance the next CULE bargaining team:

• I have been a regional representative for 16 years. I believe that at this stage of my working life, I have insight into the full spectrum of challenges to our working lives, and I have an interest in future retirement issues as well.

• I have served on the CULE executive as Prairies Director for 2 terms (1997 – 2001) which has given me insight into our relationship with management as well as an understanding of the issues that confront CULE members.

• I have experience as a field negotiator in my role as Regional Representative – I currently have three units assigned, but have negotiated for five units, including first agreements. I am currently assisting two colleagues with their first sets of negotiations.

I ask for your support for me to sit on the CULE negotiating team.

Thank you

Maggie Armstrong

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