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Lise Boucher

Dear CULE Brothers and Sisters;

I would like to start out to say that my union involvement has been lengthy, full of accomplishment and accolades, that I’ve gained tremendous experience over the years and based on those reasons I’m the best candidate for the position. Yes I would like to say all of that but some of that would be less then honest and for those who know me, such a lie would not be spoken by me.

My involvement with this union has been short albeit full of challenges and memories which will stay with me for years to come… joigning the executive at this time of its history has been nothing if not memorable and challenging!

On a more serious note, because I do take elections seriously as they are the true result of a democratic society and a process that should be respected and be conducted as open and honest as humanly possible, I would like to give you the reasons I believe I would be the best candidate for this position.

My integrity is my strongest strength and I believe the strength which is the most important for the Treasurer’s position. Furthermore, although I alluded to my inexperience with the union earlier, I would now say that this has served me well in this position in the last 12 months. My very inexperience with the union has permitted me to be more open-minded and work without prejudice. I have queried every aspect of the processes, requests and demands on “our” money because I was unbiased.

When I was initially asked to become Treasurer, no one else stepped forward and I was acclaimed into the position. Initially I had my doubts as to my ability but I now believe I have proven I can do the job. I am proud of the accuracy of our bookeeping and when I arranged for an accounting firm to look over the books and advise us that we are on the right path to continued financial health, I was pleased to find that they were more then satisfied with our processes and accounting.

This time around I seek election for the postion of Treasurer. I know I can continue to serve my brothers and sisters well and sincerely hope that you will support me in my continued efforts to ensure the well being of the membership’s money.

In solidarity

Sister Lise Boucher

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