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Letters from Nycole Turmel and Ken Georgetti re: CLC affiliation

Lisa Garnier, President, Canadian Union of Labour Employees Dear Lisa, I am writing in response to your letter of February 17, 2006, in which you request that the PSAC support a CULE request to affiliate with the Canadian Labour Congress. Further to a discussion at the AEC, we agreed that it would be inappropriate for the PSAC, as the employer, to take a position either opposing or supporting your request. We recognize that CULE does have the right to make this request and, contrary to previous AEC positions on this matter, we will not advise the CLC that we object. I do wish to congratulate you and CULE on your efforts to promote social justice objectives through your recent contribution of school and medical supplies to Cuba. The AEC looks forward to continuing to work together with you on similar initiatives. In Solidarity, Nycole Turmel, PSAC National President

Here’s the letter from Nycole Turmel to Lisa Garnier re joining CLC. (pdf)

Lisa Garnier, President, Canadian Union of Labour Employees Dear Sister Garnier, Thank you for your letter of February 17, 2006 in which you make an application to become a directly chartered local of the Canadian Labour Congress. While I appreciate your interest in the CLC, I do not believe becoming a directly chartered local is the most appropriate option for your union to become part of the broader labour movement. The CLC is an organization comprised of labour organizations which employ staff, including the one for which your members work. This could of course place the CLC leadership in an untenable conflict of interest with respect to representation rights in the event of any disputes. I think it is very positive that you are seeking to join a larger labour organization in order to play a broader role. It would be more appropriate though to contact one of the national unions that represent other union staff. In solidarity, Kenneth V. Georgetti, President Canadian Labour Congress

Here’s the letter from Ken Georgetti to Lisa Garnier re joining the CLC. (pdf)

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