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Letter from AEU and statement from Nancy MacLean

CULE has recieved two recent emails, which we are posting here, with permission, for members’ information and interest.

Brothers and Sisters; I have been an employee of the Public Service Alliance of Canada for 15 years. There was a period of time when I was in an excluded position and did not have the security of a Union. When I returned to a unionized position I was told by my the employer that I was surplus. It was at this vulnerable time in my career that I was fortunate enough to have the support of my union. CULE stood by me and worked to ensure that my future was secure. I am proud to say that I am a member of a strong and dedicated union. I stand in solidarity with CULE!! In Solidarity, Nancy MacLean – Regional Representative, Public Service Alliance of Canada

And an open letter from the AEU Executive

Dear CULE members: We are deeply upset and saddened to learn that the CEP has filed for certification of the members represented by CULE who are located in the PSAC regional offices in Ontario. It is very unfortunate that CEP is continuing to raid already unionized staff at PSAC. Clearly they have opted to continue trying to divide and fragment PSAC workers at this critical time. We hope the CULE members in Ontario will decide to stay with their union – one that has represented them very well over the years and won excellent salaries and benefits. AEU fully supports CULE and will do anything it can to assist its sister union during this raid. We need to stand together, especially when we may be in for the most important round of bargaining yet. This is not the time to be divided. If we continue to fragment PSAC staff, the only winner is the employer. We urge you to stand up and vote for your union – CULE. In solidarity, The members of the AEU executive – Lucette Charron, Jeff Bennie, Elaine Massie, Brian Loshuk, Louise Laporte, Neil Carson, Linda Koo, Deb Seaboyer, Marlene DeVeth, Denis McCarthy Chers membres de l’UCES, Nous sommes profondément contrariés et attristés d’apprendre que le SCEP a déposé une demande d’accréditation pour attirer à lui les membres que représente l’UCES des bureaux régionaux de l’AFPC en Ontario. Il est fort regrettable que le SCEP poursuive sa campagne de maraudage auprès d’employé(e)s déjà syndiqué(e)s à l’AFPC. Il est devenu plus qu’évident qu’il a décidé de continuer d’essayer de diviser et fragmenter les employé(e)s de l’AFPC à ce moment critique. Nous espérons que les membres de l’UCES en Ontario décideront de rester au sein de leur syndicat – un organisme qui les a très bien représenté(e)s au fil des années et qui a remporté en leur nom d’excellents salaires et avantages sociaux. Le SEA apporte pleinement son appui à l’UCES et fera tout en son pouvoir pour aider ce syndicat d’importance à repousser cette campagne de maraudage. Nous sommes solidaires, d’autant que nous allons peut-être aborder la ronde de négociations la plus importante à ce jour. Le temps n’est certes pas à la division. Si nous continuons de fragmenter le personnel de l’AFPC, le seul vainqueur sera l’employeur ! Nous vous demandons avec instance de vous faire entendre et de voter pour votre syndicat – l’UCES. Syndicalement, Les membres de l’Exécutif du SEA – Lucette Charron, Jeff Bennie, Elaine Massie, Brian Loshuk, Louise Laporte, Neil Carson, Lindo Koo, Deb Seaboyer, Marlene DeVeth, Denis McCarthy
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The results of the vote to have a vote are in: 94 eligible to vote (CULE I – 57/CULE II – 37) 59 Ballots cast 23 – No 36 – Yes Watch for more information to come.

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