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Larry Welsh

Hello my name is Larry Welsh, I am a Regional Representative in the St. John’s, NL, Regional Office, and I have worked with PSAC for 25 years as a Regional Rep.

I am offering to sit on the CULE Negotiation Team because I feel I have valuable experience to add to this process. I have the following experience to add to this team:

  1. I have completed a one-week course in Negotiations that was offered to Alliance staff in Cornwall approximately ten years ago.

  2. I have negotiated over a dozen agreements, including a first agreement.

  3. I have attended several sets of negotiations with other negotiators.

  4. I am currently at the table for 3 units and dealing with 2 other as re-openers.

  5. I have acted as a PSAC negotiator for almost a year.

  6. I have taken 4 courses from Lancaster House in Collective Bargaining; they are: Bargaining in the Broader Public Sector (2004 and 2006); Preparing for Bargaining (2006) and Tactics in Bargaining (2006).

  7. I was also on the CULE \ PSAC Negotiating Team in 1998.

Our Negotiating team will be made up of 5 members and will surely be a team effort. I think I would be a valuable part of this group.

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