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Kellie Loshak

Kellie Loshak

Administrative Assistant, PSAC Kingston Regional Office

I have had a variety of work experiences in non-unionized work environments which led me to the PSAC in November 2003.  In my experience, a unionized workplace is most definitely a better workplace.  I am a firm believer in union principles.

Part of my previous work history includes a five year stint as a Legal Assistant in a Patent and Trademark law firm in Ottawa and a second five year stint as a Legal Assistant in a Labour and Employment law firm in Kingston.  Let me tell you, those were learning experiences!

I have been a community volunteer working with children and youth for the past eight years.

Since joining the PSAC, I have obtained union training through the Talking Union Basics, Grievance Handling and Interpreting the Collective Agreement courses offered at the Kingston Regional Office.  I was the Administrative Assistant for the Ontario Regional Women’s Conference in November 2004, and sat on the CULE Merger Committee in 2005 in preparation for the first CULE Convention.  I am a member of the Regional Intranet Working Group struck in the spring of 2006 to assist Lynn Meston in assessing the needs of the administrative staff with respect to the Intranet project.  I am currently working with the Organizing Committee planning the next Ontario Regional Women’s Conference scheduled for April 2007.

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