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Joan-Ann Gravesande

Brothers and Sisters: I am seeking your support for the position of Equity Director of CULE. I offer my candidacy for this position because I am of the opinion that this newly created position must have a vision that builds on solidarity and creates and environment that is truly inclusive.

The resolutions submitted by equity members at the CULE Convention demonstrate a need for a truly inclusive union. The recent incidents that occurred with the PSAC and the lack of equity representation in many levels of the PSAC structure of employment, demonstrates the need for an Equity Director with a vision and a plan to address these issues.

I will work with CULE Equity Caucus to bring concerns and issues arising from the Caucus to the CULE Executive. I will create a forum for safe dialogue for all equity groups. I will work with CULE and the Employer to address the deficiencies and the barriers that are present within the workplace.

I became a CULE member in 2002 and prior to that I was a member of the PSAC. I have worked on many Human Rights and Equity Committees both as a member of PSAC and in the community of Ontario. I was a member of the CLC working group that dealt with Equity Issues and Human Rights.

I continue to be active in Human Rights and Equity Issues within my community.

I believe that in order to move Human Rights and Equity Issues forward one has to begin by first educating and having open dialogue on the issues.

I commit to the following:

  1. I will set up a safe network for CULE Equity Caucus, to allow for members of the Caucus to discuss issues

  2. I will be accessible to all Equity Members within CULE

  3. I will work with CULE Executive and all members on Human Rights and Equity Issues.

  4. I will develop a process that provides Education on Equity Issues to all CULE Membership

  5. I will work hard to ensure that all equity voices are heard.

  6. I will work with all members with in CULE to educate on the importance of acknowledging equity dates to build a truly inclusive union

  7. I will work with all Joint Employer Equity Committees to ensure that Equity remains on the agenda to ensure that the workplace is truly inclusive.

I ask for your support to begin the process of ensuring that CULE becomes a leader on equity issues with this employer. In Solidarity,

Joan-Ann Gravesande

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