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International Solidarity: Update from the Railway View Project

Here is an update from the Railway View project, an initiative (partially supported by the CULE International Solidarity Fund) to increase literacy levels and improve access to resources and facilities that support adult learning among sugar estate workers in Railway View, Guyana

Some Key Accomplishments during the Reporting Period:

  1. The project started with the recruitment of a qualified, part-time teacher from a local school who began teaching on Sunday 6th of February 2011. The teacher is paid approximately $150 CDN per month.

  2. Three classes are held each week:

  3. Adults – Saturday (originally Sunday) from 2 pm to 4 pm

  4. Children (level one) – Wednesday and Thursday from 4-5 pm

  5. Children (level two) – Wednesday and Thursday from 5-6 pm

  6. The project aimed to target 50 adults and children, currently there are 51 adults and children attending classes (36 children and 15 adults)

  7. There is strong community support for the initiative and the project has improved access to education for poor families by making the classes available for free.

  8. The Parent Committee was also able to secure another small grant, which complemented the project – namely a grant of approximately $1,500 CDN for classroom infrastructure that resulted in the establishment of a free community library, chairs, tables and white boards as well as secure cupboard space.

  9. The creation of a blog ( on the project has also allowed for improved transparency and awareness on the project’s activities.

  10. The total grant received under this project CDN $1,980 was received in March 2011.

Download the full report (with pictures) here.

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