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International Solidarity: Thank you letter from the Philippines

The CULE International Solidarity Committee recently received this message from KPD (Kilusang para sa Pambansang Demokrasya-Philippines, The Movement for Nationalism and Democracy-Philippines) with regards to the recent Solidarity event in Vancouver. KPD is a multi-sectoral alliance of various organizations, which MAKABAYAN, Pete Pinlac and Precy Dagooc’s organization, is a member of.

September 11,2012 Dear Ms. Urrutia and Friends in the Canada Union of Labour Employees (CULE), We’d like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to your organization for making Mr. Pete Pinlac’s recent visit to Vancouver, a rousing success in terms of making our advocacies and concerns heard in your far-off country. You not only welcomed him with open arms, in the spirit of genuine solidarity but made him feel at home during his stay. We know too well that though oppression and exploitation may take various forms for the working class in our two countries, these are merely two sides of the same global capitalist system that has disenfranchised the majority of the world’s population in favour of a small elite section. We know that each victory we win, however modest, is a small step closer to emancipating the chains that bind the workers to the shackles of wage slavery. We look forward to working with you in future projects together such as campaigns and advocacies that would prove mutually beneficial to our respective struggles starting with the Adopt-an-Organizer initiative. Also, we’d like to express our sincerest thanks the financial support you have given us, through Mr. Pinlac Thank you. Fidel Fababier, Vice-President, KPD
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