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Sisters and Brothers:

After five weeks of bargaining for a total of 15 days at the Table with the Employer, CULE and the PSAC have reached a tentative agreement which will need to be ratified by both parties.

As you are aware, the Employer’s original proposals contained a high number of concessions and some of those concessions remained on the Table until the last hour.  It has been a difficult round of bargaining due to the employer’s proposed concessions, however, we are pleased to bring you a tentative agreement with NO concessions.

Below are some of the highlights of the tentative agreement which we will be voting on in the next couple of weeks.  We will also provide you, prior to voting, a more detailed ratification package.

  1. 3 year contract retroactive as of May 1, 2016 expiring April 30, 2019;

  2. 1.5% wage increase in 2016, in 2017 and in 2018;

  3. $250 per employee per annum Healthcare Spending Account in addition to current benefit plan;

  4. Employer will not amend the Welfare and Benefit Plans without the prior consent of the Union;

  5. Improved language on seniority;

  6. Band 11 with salary in Appendix A;

  7. Revised MOA on student employment with salary increase (comparable to UNIFOR);

  8. MOA to include in the bargaining unit, the Northern Grievance and Adjudication Officer;

  9. Improved language on No Discrimination and Harassment (Article 5);

  10. Improved language on Health & Safety in regards to worksite risk assessment;

  11. Renewal of CEP and Staff conferences;

  12. Increase of voluntary separation package from 18 months to 24 months for CULE I;

  13. Increase in reimbursement for family care for both CULE I and CULE II;

  14. $250 for luggage once every 36 months (used to be for just a suitcase);

  15. One day’s leave with pay for indigenous employee to attend funeral of an indigenous community member;

  16. Up to 60 hours (from 50 hours) leave with pay for family related responsibilities;

  17. Stress Leave for CULE II members from three days to four days;

  18. Compassionate care leave to match the current legislation and improvement in the SUB plan;

  19. Increase for winter survival package to $100;

  20. $500 roadside assistance (i.e. On-Star) for northern or remote locations;

  21. New language for bargaining unit work around weekend courses;

  22. MOA on National Working Group on Mental Health (jointly signed with UNIFOR);

  23. MOA on Domestic Violence including 10 days of leave with pay (jointly signed with UNIFOR);

  24. Overtime for CULE I members at National Conventions for all hours worked;

  25. Nights away qualifier reduced from 35 nights to 30 nights;

  26. Renewal of retiree benefit plan.

There were many other items which were concessions that the team was able to have the employer withdraw.

The bargaining team unanimously recommends acceptance of this tentative agreement.

In solidarity, Anna, Dolly, Hetty, Kellie, Monika and Sean

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