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Heather Longstaff

Dear CULE Brothers and Sisters:

I have decided to run for a second term as CULE Secretary. The past couple of years have been exciting and challenging. Prior to being elected Secretary I held the position of Member at Large (CULE 11). I have sat on various PSAC/CULE Joint Committees; was a member of the 2004 CULE Negotiating Team and presently sit on the CULE Convention Organizing Committee.

In Saskatoon I dedicate much of my time to social causes. I am very interested in Human Rights issues and give as much time as possible to support brothers and sisters in the Labour Movement. I have been enrolled in the University of Saskatchewan Labour Studies Program through the College of Commerce and will graduate from the program in May 2006.

I am dedicated to working for all CULE members as the struggle continues and ask for your support.

In solidarity,

Heather Longstaff

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