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Gander Regional Office – Update

Please see below for a follow-up email CULE sent to PSAC. We will continue to keep the CULE membership updated on this situation.

Hi Robyn. Brother Pecek advised us on October 3, 2012 that a report, including recommendations, was submitted to the Alliance Executive Committee (AEC) on October 1, 2012. Based on that report & recommendations, the AEC have decided to close the Gander RO. Robyn, CULE is formally requesting a copy of that report, including the recommendations. It continues to be CULE’s position that the process surrounding the consultation process was flawed. The employer has moved away from the past practice it established when the Employer was seeking to close the Thunder Bay Regional Office. CULE is requesting that the employer postpone the decision regarding the closure of the Gander Regional Office and engage an outside consultant who will put in place a consultative process designed to maximize the participation of the PSAC membership. In Solidarity, Dave Jackson, CULE President
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