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Gail Chafe


I (Gail Chafe) am completely in agreement with this statement, and that is one of the reasons I have decided to run for CULE Treasurer.

I have recently spoken with three past CULE Treasurers and have listened to their concerns and as a result of those discussions I have submitted several resolutions to the CULE Convention. I submitted not only Finance Resolutions, but also some resolutions to the General and Constitution Committees. I am looking forward to the CULE Convention in Cuba and hope that there will be good debate and positive amendments achieved. I also feel that CULE financial information should be as transparent as possible and guidelines should be in place so that everyone is treated equally

Many of the staff already know me and some of my background, but throughout the past several years there have been many changes in staff, so I felt that perhaps I should give everyone a brief background of my history with the PSAC, and some of the links that I feel would make me a good Treasurer for CULE.

Work History:

  1. Began working for the PSAC in 1970.

  2. Started working in the Collective Bargaining Branch, as a Secretary.

  3. In 1976 I resigned, after having my first child. During my two year hiatus, I regularly worked at the Alliance as a replacement worker. This included assignments in the Legislative Office, in Grievances and Adjudication, and in Personnel.

  4. In 1978 I returned full time to the PSAC, working as the Secretary for a Service Officer in the National Component.

  5. After only a few months there I again returned full time to the Collective Bargaining Branch and eventually began working for the Director of Collective Bargaining Branch.

  6. I eventually applied for, and was the successful candidate for the position of Administrative Assistant to one of the four Vice-Presidents, Brother Jean Bergeron; and then Brother Jim MacEwen.

  7. Both of these Vice-Presidents held FINANCE, as one of their portfolios. Therefore, at the PSAC Convention I was assigned to the Finance Committee and worked with that Committee through several PSAC Triennial Conventions.

  8. I eventually applied for and was successful in the competition for Administrative Assistant in the Calgary Regional Office in 1990. At present, I remain in this position.

Charity Work: I have actively done fundraising for the following charities: Animal Rescue Foundation(ARF), The Heart and Stroke Foundation (Area Co-Ordinator), The Diabetes Association, the MS Society, and at Christmas time I canvas, as well as purchase, for the “Adopt a Family” program.

CULE: As far as CULE is concerned, I have always been an active member of CULE – having sat on the CULE Executive in the past as a Member at Large for Unit II for several terms, and as a Director for the Prairies for one term. I was on the CULE Negotiating Team for two rounds of successful negotiations. I have also been a member of several CULE Committees over the years, including Welfare and Benefits, Convention Committee, Technological Change, and the Pay Equity. I have always tried my best to represent all members of CULE and to pass on members’ concerns to the Executive.

I am asking for your support during these elections – Please Vote for GAIL CHAFE for Treasurer of CULE.

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