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February is Black History Month

CULE would like to acknowledge and honour the many contributions people of African heritage have made to Canada and to the Canadian labour movement.

This is the 20th year that Black History Month has been officially celebrated in Canada. Across the country, events are planned to mark and remember the contributions and achievements of Canadians of African descent.

Canadian unions are celebrating that history too. Black trade union members and activists have played a key role in building and shaping the labour movement. When we stand up for fairness today, we are standing against racism and discrimination, and the unfair treatment and denial of equality that stems from it.

Black Trade Unionists in Canada have long fought to end discrimination in our society and workplaces, and have played a central role in securing legislative changes to promote human rights for all.  But the struggle for equity and equality continues.

We need to win stronger collective agreement language that empowers workers to confront and end racism and promote workplace diversity and equality. The changes we win in the workplace help to foster broader positive change in society and our communities too.

We salute our members of African descent and encourage all our members to participate in Black History Month activities.

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