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Executive meeting minutes – Ottawa, Sept 17-18 2005

Canadian Union of Labour Employees, Executive Meeting – Ottawa September 17 – 18, 2005

Present: Dave Jackson, President Heather Longstaff, Secretary Lise Boucher, Treasurer Marion Agadzi, Unit 11 Vice President Larry Welsh, Unit 1 Vice President Pamela Peckford, Director, Atlantic Mark Pecek, Alternate Director, NCR Tom Hamilton, Director, Ontario Lisa Garnier, Director, Prairies Jack Rudd, Director, British Columbia Jim Brohman, Director, North

Meeting called to order at 9:10 a.m.

Review of March 2005 Executive Minutes

Heather advised that laminated membership cards have been distributed. Cards for newly hired members will be distributed next week. Marion and Lise will follow up on the signage for all the regional offices. Jim is still working on the Inuktitut translation. Heather will ensure that our website have the current Constitution and Joint Committees Terms of Reference.

M/S/C Heather/Jack THAT March 2005 Executive minutes be adopted.

Review of April 2005 Meeting

Heather advised that the cost to upgrade the old laptop computer would be the same as purchasing a new computer. In consultation with Dave and Lise it was more cost effective to purchase a new computer. Lise will use the old Computer for Treasurer’s work.

M/S/C Heather/Lisa THAT Heather purchase the necessary software for the new laptop computer.

Wal-Mart – Adopt a Family Campaign donation

Letter acknowledging our contribution to the Wal-Mart Family was read out. The Court has allowed UFCW’s suit, regarding closure in Quebec, to go ahead.

M/S/C Larry/Pam THAT minutes of April 2005 meeting be adopted.

May 25th Executive Teleconference

An update regarding the information received from Revenue Canada on the tax implications for CULE Convention will be posted on the website. (Lise and Dave)

M/S/C Jim/Marion THAT minutes of May Executive Teleconference meeting be adopted.

Executive Reports

M/S/C Jack/Larry THAT all Reports be adopted as circulated.

Treasurer’s Report

M/S/C Lise/Tom THAT Treasurer’s Report be adopted.


The Committee continues to meet and discuss ongoing equity issues. Progress is being made with the review of the Employment Equity plan. A Self Identification Survey has been circulated and members are encouraged to reply.

CULE Convention Committee Report

Seventy-one (71) CULE members will be attending the Convention along with seventy-four (74) guests. W.E. Travel will be sending invoices and flight schedules out shortly. The work of the Convention continues to be done by the necessary Committees.

M/S/C Pam/Lise THAT the Memorabilia Committee be given up to $2,500.00 to purchase promotional items for Convention delegates.

Joint CULE/Employer Harassment Training

Training is scheduled for Saturday September 24th in Ottawa.

CULE Harassment Complaint Procedure

Several Directors raised concerns around the current CULE Harassment Complaint procedure as outlined in the CULE collective agreement. The Employer will be approached on this issue.

Intranet Project

Lynn Meston updated the CULE Executive on the Intranet Project she is working on with Brian Braithwaite. Input is being received from staff with regards to what should be posted.

Kilometer Rate

Given the recent increases in fuel charges CULE will be approaching the Employer requesting a fuel surcharge on the car allowance kilometer rate. (referred to UMC)

Regional Issues

CULE President will respond to an email that has been circulating in the Atlantic region. Discussion took place regarding a CULE member’s concern on level of staffing (referred to UMC). Larry Welsh will be speaking at Gary Bannister’s retirement party. Any stories regarding Gary should be sent to Larry.

Hardship – CULE member

M/S/C Jim/Tom THAT CULE make a donation of $500.00 to Sister Owen.

Merger Committee

The Merger Committee vote process has been posted on the CULE website. The deadline to return ballots to the Vancouver RO is September 30, 2005.

CULE Executive Elections

Patrick Bragg and Patricia Mullen have volunteered to be the nomination Committee. A call for nominations will be sent out in the near future.

Joint PSAC/CULE Committee Expenses

Clarification will be sought at UMC.

Social Acknowledgement Fund

Donations, as per the guidelines, will be forwarded on behalf of two CULE members.

Unity Conference

Selection criteria for staff attending Conference will be raised at UMC.

CULE Constitution/Referendum Vote

Dave will follow up with Bob Allen.

CULE Convention Committees

The following Executive members will sit on the Convention Committees: General Resolutions (Lisa Garnier), Finance (Lise Boucher) Constitution (Tom Hamilton). Call-out will be resent to members who are interested in sitting on Committees. Interested members will forward their names to Lise Boucher. The deadline is November 2, 2005

Submission of Convention Resolutions

Call-out to submit resolutions will be posted on the website. The deadline for the submission of resolutions is November 2, 2005.

New Communication Positions

Referred to UMC.

Car Allowance

The application of the new criteria recently negotiated into the new collective agreement has led to several CULE members receiving the car allowance.

Pay Equity

Brother Pecek advised that there are a number of criteria to look at when determining pay equity inequities. For example, benefits and economic increases; total cost of the negotiation package; and bargaining history over an extended period of time or a number of rounds of bargaining.

Grievance Committee Report

The CULE grievance tracking process has resulted in grievances proceeding in a timely manner through the 1st and 2nd levels. More timely referrals to arbitration continue to be a problem.

Goy arbitration hearing scheduled for November 17-18 in Winnipeg.

M/S/C Larry/Tom THAT Out Day grievances be referred to arbitration.

M/S/C Larry/Marion THAT termination grievance be referred to arbitration.

M/S/C Larry/Tom THAT if a current 2nd Level grievance is denied it be referred to arbitration.

Next Executive meeting is scheduled for April 29 and 30th in Toronto.

Motion to adjourn Pam

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