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Don Dudar

An Open Letter to CULE Members

Re: Executive Committee Elections

Sisters, Brothers, Friends and Colleagues:

I am writing to ask for your vote of confidence for the position of President of the Canadian Union of Labour Employees.

I look forward to working together with everyone during preparations for the next round of negotiations with PSAC and NEU. Regardless of my role, I am committed to helping build a stronger staff union and to being an active participant in the bargaining process.

Regionalization has increased the work load on all staff from coast to coast to coast. Each region suffers from a serious staff deficit. Our Employer’s wish list continues to grow quarterly, which is compounded by the heavy demands from newly organized units. In respect to the National Organizing Program, new bargaining units are labour intensive and there are extraordinary challenges associated with new members who operate without a collective agreement for periods of one to four years. Our Employer needs a better plan for integrating new units into the union and managing membership growth. This means adequate resources in each region.

At the end of the last round of bargaining with the employer, CULE members experienced labour peace while AEU members went on strike. During that period, we were divided by our union affiliation. I came away from my personal experience with a desire to explore the possibility of a “stronger partnership” with our AEU sisters and brothers. I believe that the majority of my co-workers share the same desire, including AEU members. This could take the form of a merger or, taking the first step by bargaining as a “Council of Trade Unions”.

Unity is power and power is unity!

During worksite organizing campaigns, we tell unrepresented workers that a unified voice speaks loudest! So, let’s demonstrate this; let’s collectively enhance our worksites and bargain for the future.

I want everyone to know that I recognize that there is an abundance of experience and expertise within the CULE membership; and, if elected, I promise to take advantage of this fact for the benefit of the members.

In closing, I would like to express a heart-felt thank you to all past and current Executive and Committee members for volunteering on behalf of the membership. Thank you very much!

In Spirit & Unity,

Brother Don Dudar CULE Member

Brother Don also submitted the following files:

Proposed Constitutional ammendment (pdf).

Don Dudar’s resume (pdf)

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