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Digging through the CULE archives – vol 5

The Canadian Union of Labour Employees (CULE) have been representing the staff in regional offices since 1976.  Bernie Dixon (Halifax RO) was the very first CULE President.  Over that 36 year period many regional office staff have volunteered to sit on the CULE Executive and deal with the affairs of their union.  The following lists identify the many CULE members who have stepped up and provided their services, in a variety of positions, to CULE members.  We want to thank the members who have done this in the past and the members who are currently doing this.  We would also like to thank the members who will do this in the future.

CULE Executive Members


  1. President: Bernie Dixon (Unit I); Gilles Robinson (Unit I); Larry Gagnon (Unit I)

  2. VP-Unit I: Rosemary Warskett; Larry Gagnon; Gilles Robinson

  3. VP-Unit II: Nil

  4. Secretary/Treasurer: Jean Ouellette (Unit I; combined position); Elaine Fowler (Unit I)

  5. Directors:

  6. BC/YT/NWT – James Breckenridge (Unit I).

  7. Que – Fredretee Frechette (Unit I); Johanne Tremblay (Unit I); JC Plamondon (Unit I)

  8. Ont – Richard Belanger (Unit I); Pam Kirkwood (Unit I)

  9. NCR – Brian Reid (Unit I)

  10. Atlantic – Mike Tynes (Unit I); Don Clarke (Unit I)

  11. Prairies – Elaine Fowler; Harvey Shaw (Unit I)


  1. President: Larry Gagnon; Jean Ouellette; Fritz Bauer (Unit I);

  2. Mark Krakowski (Unit I) ; Lynn MacKenzie (Unit II)

  3. VP-Unit I: Bob Allen; Greg Maruca; Jean Desrochers

  4. VP-Unit II: Katherine Alexis; Deidre Wiest; Sheila Gannon

  5. Secretary: Lynn Robinson (Unit II); Anny Devries (Unit II; combined position); Mark Krakowski (combined position)

  6. Treasurer: Bob Boucher (Unit I); Arthur Carkner (Unit I)

  7. Directors:

  8. BC/Territories – Moe Ritchie (Unit I); Jim Brohman (Unit I);

  9. Gary Owen (Unit I)

  10. Que – Yves Racette (Unit I)

  11. Ont – Janet Spencer (Unit I)

  12. NCR – Jackie Desrochers (Unit II) ; Alain Piche (Unit I) ; Penny Bertrand (Unit I) ; Blanche Roy (Unit I)

  13. Atlantic – Don Clarke (Unit I) ; Gary Bannister (Unit I)

  14. Prairies – Fritz Bauer; Pat Davis (Unit I); Joanna Miazga (Unit I)


  1. President: Moe Ritchie; Jim Brohman

  2. VP-Unit I: Pat Davis; Mike MacDonald; Larry Welsh

  3. VP Unit II: Linda Vaillancourt; Pam Keough/Peckford

  4. Secretary: Anne Betts (Unit I); Angela Fairweather (Unit I); Nancy MacLean (Unit I)

  5. Treasurer: Joanna Miazga; Lynn Eaton (Unit II)

  6. Directors:

  7. BC – Don Schultz (Unit I); Regina Brennan (Unit I); Al Hadvick (Unit I)

  8. Que – Johanne Tremblay (Unit I); Roger Vaillancourt (Unit I); Michele Houle (Unit I)

  9. Ont – Art Curtis (Unit I); Maureen Leyland (Unit I); Dave Doyle (Unit I); Tom Hamilton (Unit I)

  10. NCR – Blanche Roy; Lisa Rossignol (Unit II); Terri-Lee Rayals-Mele (Unit I); Arthur Carkner; Lynn MacKenzie

  11. Atlantic – Gary Bannister

  12. Prairies – Diedre Wiest (Unit II); Fritz Bauer; Gail Chafe (Unit II); Maggie Armstrong (Unit I); Phil Trottier (Unit I)

  13. Member at Large – Gina David (Unit II); Gail Chafe (Unit II)


  1. President: Jim Brohman; Dave Jackson (Unit I); Lisa Garnier (Unit I)

  2. VP-Unit I: Larry Welsh

  3. VP-Unit II: Pam Peckford; Marion Agadzi; Kellie Loshak

  4. Secretary: Marion Agadzi (Unit II); Heather Longstaff (Unit II); Patrick Bragg (Unit II)

  5. Treasurer: Art Curtis; Lise Boucher (Unit II); Heather Beach (Unit II); Gail Chafe

  6. Directors:

  7. BC – Al Hadvick; Jack Rudd (Unit I); Janelle Ho-Shing (Unit I)

  8. Ont – Tom Hamilton; Doug Kosakowski (Unit I)

  9. NCR – Lynn MacKenzie; Arthur Carkner; Bob Allen

  10. Atlantic – Gary Bannister; Pam Peckford; Debbie McLaughlin (Unit I)

  11. Prairies – Maggie Armstrong; Dave Jackson; Lisa Garnier; Bruce Campbell (Unit I)

  12. North – Jim Brohman; Nancy Debrecini (Unit I); Alex Stuit (Unit I)

  13. Equity – Joan-Ann Gravesande (Unit I)

  14. Member at Large – May Saunders (Unit II); Gail Chafe (Unit II); Pam Peckford (Unit II); Shelly Jamieson (Unit II)


  1. President: Dave Jackson

  2. VP-Unit I: Larry Welsh; Joan-Ann Gravesande

  3. VP-Unit II: Marion Kirin; Pam Peckford

  4. Secretary: Bob Allen; Stephanie Penwarden (Unit I)

  5. Treasurer: Gail Chafe

  6. Directors:

  7. BC – Janelle Ho-Shing; James Little (Unit I)

  8. Ont – Doug Kosakowski; Sandra Goodick

  9. NCR – Jerome Messier (Unit I); Holman Richard (Unit I); Hassan Husseini (Unit I)

  10. Atlantic – Mark Rogers (Unit I)

  11. Prairies – Bruce Campbell; Carm Chan (Unit I)

  12. North – Alex Stuit; Steve Peterson (Unit I); Debbie McLaughlin

  13. Equity – Joan-Ann Gravesande; Janelle Ho-Shing

  14. Member at Large – Pam Peckford

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