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Digging through the CULE archives

CULE has a long history of wading into the political agenda of the day –  in October 1983, a motion was passed at a membership meeting which read:

“That the President of CULE, on behalf of the membership, send a letter to the Prime Minister, to the leaders of the official opposition parties and to the members of the E.M.C. (Executive Management Committee) of the P.S.A.C. expressing opposition to the testing of the Cruise missile and calling on Canada to play an active leadership role in ending the madness of the arms race that both jeopardizes the lives of every living person on this planet and contributes to the deplorable Third World poverty that is a shame to all humanity.”

You can read the complete text of the letter sent to Pierre Trudeau on December 9, 1983 here. In addition, the same letter was sent to Brian Mulroney, Leader of the Official Opposition and Edward Broadbent, Leader of the NDP.

This post is the first in a series, looking back through the archives at CULE’s long and proud history. We hope you enjoy it!

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