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Debbie McLaughlin

Dear Sisters and Brothers of CULE – Atlantic,

I am running for the position of Atlantic Director for CULE. Even though I am a new resident in the Atlantic, I am not new to the Labour movement and activism. Here are a few ways I have been involved: Past Local president, shop steward, Regional Women’s Committee secretary, President of the YWCA in Yellowknife, facilitator for the OSCE in Kosovo (training women about voting and elections), facilitator for the Northern Territories Federation of Labour Union Kid’s Camp in the NWT. I will not bore you with a longer list, but instead ask you to contact me to discuss my values and experience.

Fairness and justice for all workers and their families is something I have always believed in. We need a strong Union presence in our workplaces. Just because we work for a Union, does not mean that we do not need as much protection and support as workers in other sectors.

I will commit to represent you and bring your issues forward to both our management and our Union. I will also commit to sharing information on a regular basis with the CULE members of the Atlantic. We may not always agree, but I will be open and honest with you in all matters. I will commit as well to working with the other internal unions of the PSAC to ensure we show solidarity on the workplace issues that affect us all.

I ask for your support and again if you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.

In Solidarity, Debbie McLaughlin Halifax Regional Office

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