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Dave Shaw

Sisters and Brothers:

I have been a very active PSAC member and now I place my name forward in an effort to begin becoming an active CULE member. I have struggled as a union activist with strong trade union principles, in coming to terms with staunch trade unionists working for a union as an employer. I have always maintained and always been proud of walking the walk, and I firmly feel a strong union makes a strong employer. Obviously our employer needs strengthening as it comes to terms with its’ role as an employer dealing with workers. I won’t bore you with my training, background or beliefs. I merely promise you that if you, like I, believe we should be involved with the house of labour, CLC and need more arms length from our employer, then vote for someone who feels likewise, ME! I have the advantage of traveling to all regional offices and I feel I can assist Debbie or fill in for her as she requires. I’m like a free scratch ticket, scratch me and see what you get!!

In Solidarity, Dave Shaw.

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