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CULE Update: Day 4 PSAC National Convention

CULE Update: Day 4 – PSAC National Convention

Happy Wednesday Comrades!

Please feel free to forward this update to all the members in your Regions.

CULE Executive Members in attendance as observers:

MaryAnne Laurico, President Rebecca Thompson, CULE I VP Kellie Loshak, CULE II VP Nancy Johnson, Secretary Anna Goguen, Atlantic Alt. Director Joan-Ann Gravesande, Ontario Director James Little, BC Director Joshua Paddon, North Director

Day three (3) started off with bringing the Finance Committee back to discuss/debate their outstanding priorities FIN-024 and FIN-027. With minimal but important debate FIN-024 was passed. Important to note that while this Resolution refers to the Staffing of Regional Organizers throughout the Regions, it was indicated in the Resolution that there was no cost increase associated with this and the Chair indicated that this would be part of the overall Staffing Budget.

The Finance Committee had completed their Concurrence Priorities and stepped down.

The General Resolutions Committee was then brought up to begin some riveting debate.

The General Resolutions Committee put forward a Policy Statement (GEN-001A), as a composition of a number of Resolutions on the Phoenix Pay System. This document; while keeping the intention of the Resolutions in mind, was broad reaching and comprises a number of areas which PSAC will continue to take on the Phoenix Pay Problem. There was significant and passionate debate on this item. Delegates also shared their stories; which in some cases were unbelievably concerning, requesting support for this Policy Statement. Delegates also spoke passionately about standing up against the potential of contracting additional services to IBM.

It was indicated multiple times by the Chair that this Policy Statement was “the most important” Resolution at this Convention, next to the Budget. Even though there were some interesting procedural maneuvers, the Policy Statement was carried unanimously.

General Resolution (Comp.) GEN-009A was carried and contains a cost that will come out of the one-time fund that was included in the Budget. The one-time fund was $750,000.00. This Resolution had a total cost of $677,360.00. The remainder of the one-time fund at this point in Convention is $72,640.00.

The General Resolutions Committee stepped down with a referral, just prior to lunch.

Immediately following the lunch break, the Constitution Committee was brought up.

The Constitution Committee began by dealing with a couple referrals that were given to them yesterday afternoon. This began with CS-045, updating the Constitution to read “LCBT2Q+”. The Resolution was carried as amended.

Next to the floor was CS-051A; Composite Resolution to move to Fully Funded PSAC Regional Conventions. It was explained that if the amended Resolution that was brought back to the floor was passed, then this would negate Finance Resolution FIN-013A dealing with Regional Convention Subsidy, which was passed yesterday afternoon. There was some strong debate on this Resolution, both for and against. This Resolution was passed, bring the total dues rate at this point to 0.9524%. This Resolution also contains a formula for Delegate composition.

In a second and equally interesting turn of events, Resolution CS-066 determining the REVP (not Admin or Poly Comm) Office Location, was passed. Similarly, to the previous Resolution, there was significant and strong debate on either side of the equation.

Conference Business itself concluded a little early on Day 4, to allow some time for the all candidates forum.

There were questions submitted in advance by the Delegates over the last 3 days of business.

There were a number of questions around Phoenix and many of the efforts required to work towards a fix. There were also a number of questions around Education and improving/providing it across levels and in a number of different ways. These certainly weren’t the only questions asked of each of the candidates and there were also a number related specifically to DCL’s. Overall on the surface, the answers were fairly standard and safe as we would expect at a forum of this nature. One thing that did stand out among the three Candidates, is that there was a lot of response that focused on increasing communication between the elected leaders and the membership and attempting to reflect the way we provide service, based on the needs within the Regions.

The action happens tomorrow morning at 8:30am (Elections). Stay tuned.

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