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CULE Update: Day 3 PSAC National Convention

Happy May Day

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CULE Update: Day # 3 PSAC National Convention

Present CULE Executive Member observers: MaryAnne Laurico, President Joan-Ann Gravesande, Ontario Director Anna Goguen, Atlantic alternate Director Rebecca Thompson, VP Unit 1 Kellie Loshak, VP Unit 2 James Little, BC Director Joshua Paddon, North Director Nancy Johnson, Secretary

We continued to sit at the front of the observer section with our CULE flags. The finance committee came back with the one and only referral to the committee about increasing the Young Workers budget line item. This came back with the committee’s unanimous recommendation of concurrence. This was carried by the delegates.

The delegates passed the budget.

We heard some excellent debate on the floor from the members regarding the committees’ priority resolutions, from fully funded regional conventions, language change from Aboriginal to Indigenous peoples.

Referrals were sent back to committee on resolutions dealing with DCL power to recommend, REVP living/working location and discipline.

The debate on the delegate seats for equity members at PSAC National Convention required a 2/3’s vote to pass (67%) and was defeated at 53%.

Our National President will need to improve their French language skills and seek training in order to hold office. Training $7,200.00/year will be budgeted for such training.

Creation of a trusteeship handbook for Components/DCL’s as CEIU felt that it would be important for any locals that may be faced with this procedure was carried.

Finance Committee Three resolutions were carried that will see a dues increase of .08 (per member per month) Regional Convention subsidies, increase funding for regional H&S conferences and Area Councils.

We also have been completing last minute CULE convention plans for next week.

May is Asian Heritage Month

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