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CULE Update: Day 2 PSAC National Convention

Each day we’ll bring you musings, quotes, and other tidbits we gather at the 2018 PSAC National Triennial Convention

Day 2: 2018 PSAC National Triennial Convention Opening

Present CULE Executive Member observers: James Little, BC Director Joan-Ann Gravesande, Ontario Director Nancy Johnson, Secretary Anna Goguen, Atlantic Director Alternate Josh Paddon, North Director Kellie Loshak, VP Unit 2 Rebecca Thompson, VP Unit 1 MaryAnne Laurico, President

This morning, we sat at the front of the observer section to ensure CULE was visible when the members debated the budget.

We heard from Hassan Yussuf, President of the Canadian Labour Congress: “Your Union, PSAC….my Union now too [….] UNIFOR disaffiliated from the congress – it was a terrible decision and I still think it’s a terrible decision. You need to sit in the house of labour and debate it, work on it, to try and solve it. You don’t leave the house of labour. [….] I want to thank you for allowing me to be a part of your family, it’s been a privilege.”

In the afternoon, we had the opportunity to see a presentation about the missing and murdered indigenous crisis in our country. We also heard from Senator Murray Sinclair about the legacy of Residential Schools and the future of Reconciliation: “Reconciliation is about Respect. It requires an understanding of the truth…and a commitment to change.” He left us with a powerful video from Aaron Peters called, “A Perfect Crime.”

Chris Aylward provided a comprehensive budget presentation, which was unanimously recommended by the finance committee to Convention.

The current PSAC portion of dues is 0.9739%. The proposed budget asks for 0.9405%.

While there were many referrals with instruction to amend the budget, the floor only sent one back – one on increasing the Young Worker budget line item.

Among the referrals back to committee that were defeated by the floor were one that would have seen an increase of $200,000 from the organizing line item to be moved to staffing, another one that asked for an increase to the staffing and benefits line item by 2%, and yet another for an increase of 1.5% to the staffing and benefits line item (to total 10.5%). These motions were largely moved and supported by DCLs, but were overwhelmingly defeated by Component delegates.

The chair allowed the question to be called to end referrals. The floor passed it. The Finance Committee will return tomorrow.

The chair adjourned early.

Your CULE Executive observers to PSAC National Convention will be meeting the UNIFOR 2025 Executive this evening for dinner.

We are wishing you a safe and happy eve before May Day. Solidarity Always!

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