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CULE UMC Minutes – November 19 2009

CULE/UMC -Minutes November 19, 2009

Present :

CULE Lisa Garnier Marion Agadzi Larry Welsh

Employer Morna Ballantyne Suzanne Brandon Lorraine Lepage – note taker

Follow-up from last UMC

1. Intranet training:

At the last meeting Andrea had discussed creating a booklet as a guideline for intranet training. Suzanne will follow-up to see at what stage this is at.

2. Laptop – Administrative staff

It is well documented that an agreement had been made at a previous CULE/UMC meeting that once upgrades for computers were requested by Admin staff that they could request laptops. Morna has had to intervene at the Directors’ team level and will be presenting arguments re work requirements for defending this decision at the next Directors team meeting. One of IT’s concerns is costs; laptops are certainly equivalent in costs to computers but additional costs are incurred once you add docking stations and monitors. Regional Coordinators have requested that the laptops be provided to admins for operational reasons; being able to move around in the office to take notes, to attend meetings, etc. Morna requested that staff continue to provide rationale to her when purchases are requested.

New Agenda items

1. Process for Developmental Positions

Morna explained her understanding of the creation for developmental positions and agrees that a clear and equitable process is needed and requested input from CULE.


Need criteria to qualify for developmental positions; Can staff who are in acting or terms positions apply; Fear that it is an opportunity for employer to extend terms longer Equity caucus has raised an issue


Criteria must be developed and to make it possible to achieve objectives; Need to figure out succession plan for next cycle Need to develop a vision of want we want it to be Timing is very good for concentrated thinking from Directors’ Team on this issue. CULE’s input is important. Need to clarify CEP – (reserved for admin staff; no requirement for designated group, paid at band 10, same salary for developmental positions (no rules yet)

Lisa reviewed the 4 point program for the Succession planning – the plan is a great tool to achieve a more equitable workforce more representative; seen as lateral can also be for internal movement.

Agreed a lot more work needs to be developed for CEP and Developmental Positions.

Lisa will send a request to the three successful candidates of the CEP program to provide a report on what worked, what could have been improved and general feedback to report back the findings.

2. CULE Atlantic Recommendations – Anti racism & Anti Oppression Policies

CULE presented the above document to Morna and qualified that it was the general position of all of CULE not just from the Atlantic CULE group.

Morna agreed to present to the Directors Team but needed some Points of clarification.

#1. Suzanne will clarify if the Anti-Oppression policy is in effect still a draft or officially final policy.

#2. • Suzanne explained that under the Canadian Human Rights Labor the law is very clear that no intention is required. • Suzanne also explained that HR complaints are private and confidential and therefore are unable to communicate decisions in respective files. It is important that in order to bring forward staff concerns there are 2 routes to take. The first is informal and therefore no timelines are in effect and can get lost along the road and second and more important is the Formal route where a grievance is filed and clear timelines are set. • In these situations no formal complaints were filed. A letter was brought to the JEEC and after a long discussion, the outcome was that the employer will be addressing certain issues and actions will be forthcoming. • Employer recognized that the Anti-racism policy needs to be looked at and clarification provided, that the response was not answered in a timely manner. • A sub-committee will be organized in view of drafting and reviewing the Anti-racism policy. • Actions were taken even if not satisfactory to complainants and the employer will be responding and addressing a response to each of the individual complaints. This letter will be addressed from the immediate supervisor or Director depending on who the staff directed complaint; but message will be the same (or generic).

There was agreement to make changes to the policy and practices with respect to how we handle complaints.

Lisa will also follow-up with Debbie on action requested.

#3. Morna will bring forward through the Directors’ Team and to AEC/REVPs and give status on decision.

#4. Morna will bring forward through the Directors’ Team and to AEC/REVPs and give status. Will request that training session include REVPs and within AEC.

#5. • Morna informed that a no time have CULE or other staff who are actively involved in planning the conference through reference groups or organizing committee informed of need for Anti-Racism training at the National Officer’s conference.

• She did however acknowledge that there was plenty of opportunities to have discussions around anti-racism policy; could set up information booth and there many other opportunities i.e., Tuesday sessions and workshops on Wednesday re building the union at the base through equality and equity work along with an open session during the week. Lisa agreed that this was workable.

#6. Employer agreed.

#7. • Morna and Suzanne both informed that this was not realistic for many reasons outlined below:

• The training is outlined in the collective agreements as an MOU. • Concerns that it is unfair that staff not be allowed to have training as it is their right and important in work conditions.

• Morna agreed that roles need to be clearer, expectations set out at the beginning and who should be attending courses and then to follow through with what is set out.

3. Discussion on Member Organizers

CULE and management agree there is a need for a MOU for Casual Organizers, who should be covered by the CULE CA, and ensure a more consistant wage scale. Agreement to work on a MOU.

Morna reported that she has been working on a draft policy covering casual organizers. There has been a great deal of discussion about this with the organizing team, and some discussin already at meetings of the Directors Team. The draft policy proposes that the Employer approach the staff unions with a view to negotiated a MOU similar to what was negotiated for the student organizers last summer. Once the Directors’ Team agrees on what approach to take, the issue will be brought to the AEC. Then the Employer will address the issue with the staff unions.

4. Electronic Grievances

Suzanne explained that grievances need to be filed on proper form with authorized signature. It can be faxed or scanned.

A note was sent from the PSAC Human Resources Section Nov. 19th with information on a Contact List with details on each team’s main portfolios and assignment of groups of employees/Components to the Compensation Team. These different email addresses will facilitate where to send your requests, i.e. grievances.

This list should be available shortly on the PSAC’s intranet.

5. CULE Anti-Harassment Procedure/policy

Lisa advised the above policy is still in limbo and requested that procedures need to be put in place. It has been over a year since CULE and the employer agreed to and signed off on language to incorporate the Anti Racism policy into the CULE CA.

Morna agreed to try to convene a table for all Unions to work through a common policy that reflects all collective agreements at the PSAC. It is not necessarily in limbo but mostly has not moved forward fast enough.

Suzanne explained that there are changes coming very soon to the Human Rights Personal Harassment which will have implications re employers’ obligations and will impact our Policy. She will advise when the official document will be available and send a copy.

Morna has raised the issue with AEU President. It is agreed by all that it would be advantageous to have these meetings before initial discussions begin around renewal of negotiations of C.A. in the Spring.

6. Joint committee for review of Job Descriptions – AA & Sec:

Meetings have been set for next week.

7. National Staff Officers Conference in December

Union reps from JPAC requesting a session on PSAC pension plan. Morna reported that the staff conference agenda includes a session on the pension plan.

Lisa expressed her heartfelt gratitude and warm wishes to everyone and pleasure working with everyone. She will be stepping down in the New Year.

Morna also expressed her gratitude to Lisa for the education she provided her and invited her to meet if any other concerns arise.

All welcomed Suzanne back!

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